"A Queer As Folk USA Fan Fiction Sequel to QUEER THEORIES"

by Gaedhal

These chapters are part of a new series called "Queer Realities" that is the sequel to "Queer Theories."

These stories deal with gay and straight characters in a frank manner, so they are for mature readers only, please!

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Chapter 1 is "The Mixer". Justin goes to a GLBT mixer at Carnegie Mellon, but he really isn't in the mood. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 2 is "The Sponsor". Father Tim Reilly helps Brian to succeed -- but not in the way he had intended. Pittsburgh, Late Summer/Early Fall 1988. Flashback.

Chapter 3 is "I Say a Little Prayer for You". Justin's so-called life. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 4 is "Haven of Hope". Brian reads his mail. Haven of Hope, Malibu, January 2003. (This chapter has a second page.)

Chapter 5 is "The Heir". Justin wants to get closer to Gus. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 6 is "Runaway". Father Tim Reilly has two visitors at St. Lawrence House. Pittsburgh, December 1988. Flashback.

Chapter 7 is "The Jump". Brian has a surprise visitor. Haven of Hope, Malibu, January 2003. (This chapter has a second page.)

Chapter 8 is "Eight Miles High". Justin gets an emergency call from Emmett. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 9 is "I Shall Believe". Brian wakes up -- somewhere. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 10 is "Up to Zero". Brian tries to explain some things to Justin. Pittsburgh, January 2003. (This chapter has a second page.)

Chapter 11 is "High On Sunday". Sunday is anything but restful for Brian and Justin. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 12 is "Tangled Up in Blue". Justin asks Ben Bruckner for help for Brian. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 13 is "Springhurst". Justin, Ben, and Michael take Brian to rehab -- again. Pittsburgh/Springhurst, January 2003.

Chapter 14 is "My Aim Is True". Tim goes to see Brian's band perform. Pittsburgh, March 1989. Flashback.

Chapter 15 is "I Don't Know What To Do With Myself". Justin adjusts. Pittsburgh, January 2003.

Chapter 16 is "Fixing a Hole". Brian adjusts. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 17 is "Have a Nice Day". Justin has an important appointment. Pittsburgh, February 2003.

Chapter 18 is "Handle With Care". Brian settles into the routine at Springhurst and Sylvia observes. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 19 is "No Matter What". Justin visits Brian in rehab. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 20 is "Bingo". Justin encourages Brian to get involved. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 21 is "Open My Eyes". Brian wakes up -- again. February 2003.

Chapter 22 is "If It Feels Good Do It". Dylan's view of things. Pittsburgh, February 2003.

Chapter 23 is "Another Nail in My Heart". Brian sees the Doc. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 24 is "Cardinal Lake". Justin has a surprise for Brian. Springhurst/Cardinal Lake, February 2003.

Chapter 25 is "Chances Are". At Earl's cottage. Cardinal Lake, February 2003.

Chapter 26 is "Unforgettable". The Boys are snowed in. Cardinal Lake, February 2003.

Chapter 27 is "I Feel Possessed". More darkness and more snow. Cardinal Lake, February 2003.

Chapter 28 is "Rescue Me". Help comes in many ways. Cardinal Lake, February 2003.

Chapter 29 is "Don't Look Back in Anger". Brian returns to Springhurst -- and a few surprises. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 30 is "Advocate". Justin digs in. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 31 is "Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk". Dylan considers his options. Pittsburgh, February 2003.

Chapter 32 is "That's All". Nostalgia for the present. Pittsburgh/Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 33 is "Everything Is Good for You (If It Doesn't Kill You)". Brian faces the weekend without Justin. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 34 is "Purple Haze". Father Tim gets a late night call. Pittsburgh, April 1989. Flashback.

Chapter 35 is "Go All the Way". Justin goes to a party with Dylan. Pittsburgh, February 2003.

Chapter 36 is "Tainted Love". Justin needs help and Dylan sees his chance. Pittsburgh, February 2003.

Chapter 37 is "My Dark Prince". Brian talks to the Doc and Justin finds a new patient at Springhurst. Springhurst, February 2003.

Chapter 38 is "God Only Knows". Brian and Justin spend the weekend at Springhurst. Springhurst, February/March 2003.

Chapter 39 is "Black and Blue". Brian and Michael both face some new truths. Springhurst/Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 40 is "Warholized". Michael attends Justin's opening at the Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 41 is "Nowhere To Run". Justin holds his breath. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 42 is "Femme Fatale". Brian hears word from Lindsay. Springhurst/Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 43 is "It's Only Love". Lindsay has a little girl. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 44 is "Don't Dream It's Over". Brian feels happy again. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 45 is "Sugar Mountain". Brian and Justin both have unfinished business. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 46 is "The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes". Brian and Justin arrive in Los Angeles for the Oscars. Los Angeles, March 2003.

Chapter 47 is "Love You 'Til the Day I Die". Brian and Justin attend the Oscars. Los Angeles, March 2003.

Chapter 48 is "I Can't Make You Love Me". Brian and Justin face the consequences. Los Angeles, March 2003.

Chapter 49 is "No Regrets". Brian faces the past -- and the present. Los Angeles/New York City, March 2003.

Chapter 50 is "Stardust". Brian and Jimmy do 'Letterman' again. New York City, March 2003.

Chapter 51 is "Lullaby Requiem". Justin returns to Pittsburgh -- and the rest of his life. Pittsburgh, March 2003.

Chapter 52 is "The April Fool". On the eve of his 32nd birthday, Brian rethinks his life. Springhurst, April 2003.

Chapter 53 is "Heart-to-Heart". Helping people isn't always easy. Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 54 is "America's Boy Next Door". Jimmy makes a decision. Los Angeles, April 2003.

Chapter 55 is "Plenty". Happy Birthday, Bri! Surprise! Pittsburgh/Springhurst, April 2003.

Chapter 56 is "The Video". The video shoot begins. McKinley, New York, April 2003.

Chapter 57 is "Fall at Your Feet". The shoot ends. McKinley, New York, April 2003.

Chapter 58 is "Sanctuary". Brian and Justin look for a safe place. Springhurst/Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 59 is "Black". Brian and Dylan are both feeling restless. Springhurst/Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 60 is "Locked Out". Confrontations. Pittsburgh, April 2003. This chapter has a second page, so don't forget to click on the link.

Chapter 61 is "Lost in the Stars". Lost. Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 62 is "Losing My Mind". Where the truth lies. Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 63 is "Solitary Man". How do you solve a problem like Brian Kinney? Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 64 is "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today". Brian makes plans. Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 65 is "Voicemail". Messages and moves. Pittsburgh, April 2003.

Chapter 66 is "I Will Remember You". Trying to get through. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 67 is "Day After Day". Loose ends. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 68 is "Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart". The PIFA Video Festival. Pittsburgh, May 2003. This chapter has a second page, so don't forget to click on the link.

Chapter 69 is "Better Be Home Soon". Back at the loft. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 70 is "I Can See Clearly Now". Coming out into the light. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 71 is "The Air That I Breathe". Justin gets news from many sources. Pittsburgh, May 2003. This chapter has a second page, so don't forget to click on the link.

Chapter 72 is "Feeling Good". The truth hurts -- and heals. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 73 is "Magnet and Steel". Brian gets a call. Pittsburgh, May 2003. This chapter has a second page, so don't forget to click on the link.

Chapter 74 is "Being Alive" -- Part 1. How do you know you're alive? Pittsburgh/Los Angeles, May 2003.

Chapter 74 is "Being Alive" -- Part 2. How do you know you're alive? Pittsburgh, May 2003.

Chapter 75 is "A Beautiful Mess". A farewell to the Pitts. Pittsburgh, May 2003.

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