"A Queer As Folk USA Alternate Stream FanFic"

by Gaedhal

This is Part 2

The other sections in "The Angel Stream".

Hanover, N.H., June 2005

"How do you like my room, Brian?" Justin asked coyly. "This is my bed and this one is Denny's."

"Looks like my room at Penn State," Brian replied, pacing the length of the small room as he checked it out. He noted a travel poster of Italy on Justin's side. "But without the poster of Patrick Swayze over my bed!"

Justin laughed. "You did NOT have a poster of Patrick Swayze over your bed in college!"

"Sure I did." Brian raised an eyebrow quizzically. "To help me jerk off every night before I went to sleep."

"Like you've ever needed help with jerking off," Justin murmured.

Brian grabbed Justin around the waist and tumbled him onto his bed. "Help is good. How about helping me right now?" he breathed.

"Right here? With all the guys outside?" Justin whispered.

"I locked the door," said Brian. "And you said your roommate is gone for the night." Brian moved his long body against Justin's "How about it? You know you want it. I'm dying here! Don't be a little prick tease."

Justin smirked. "You sound exactly like Denny when he's trying to get Carole to let him fuck her!"

"I know," said Brian. "I had a straight roommate, too. I had to listen to him whining to his girlfriend night after night just to get a lousy handjob. Jesus! Straight people! I mean, get to it and forget all the fucking melodrama!"

"And there's never any melodrama with us, right?" Justin said, his voice dripping with irony.

"Not about fucking there isn't," countered Brian. "Do you give a shit that all those straight guys will know what we're doing in here? That they'll know two queers are a couple of yards away fucking their brains out?"

"No," Justin answered. "It's my last night in this dorm, but I wouldn't give a shit anyway. It's what I've fantasized about for months as I was lying in this bed every night. Thinking about you being here with me. Thinking about your cock deep inside me. Or about wrapping my lips around your beautiful dick and sucking until I fell asleep with it in my mouth."

Brian unbuckled his belt and opened up his jeans. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. Justin reached for his dick and took it into his hands. Brian's cock jumped as if recognized Justin and was eager for his touch.

"You're hot," Justin breathed as he grasped Brian firmly.

"Hot? I'm fucking on fire." Brian leaned over and took off his boots, then he pushed his jeans down and onto the floor. Justin began to run his tongue up and down Brian's cock, but Brian stopped him. "Wait. Take off your clothes first. Take off everything."

Justin nodded. He quickly pulled off his shirt, then his sneakers and khaki pants, leaving only his white Jockeys. "It's too bright in here," he said, snapping off the reading light on the table and leaving only Denny's clockradio and the streetlamp outside to cast light over the tiny room.

Brian stared at Justin's pale body glowing in the darkness. Justin took off his Jockeys and tossed them into the chair. Then he gently stroked his cock as he smiled at Brian.

"Come here," said Brian, reaching out his arms. He took Justin into them and simply held him for a few moments. The room was silent except for the sound of the music coming from the party spilling into the lounge. Brian closed his eyes and rested his head against Justin's chest, listening to his heart race.

"Brian..." Justin whispered.

"Shhh. Lie on the bed," Brian told him. "Now."

Justin stretched out on his narrow bed, his face against the pillow. He felt Brian's warm breath on the back of his neck. Then his tongue there, licking softly. Then moving down his spine, leaving a wet trail. Justin shuddered in anticipation, knowing what was coming next. That same tongue, brushing lightly against his butt cheeks. That tongue dipping between the cheeks to touch his hole. Then going further. Deeper.

Justin clutched the pillow and moaned into it. He imagined that everyone on the floor could hear him. Imagined all the guys staring at him with Brian's tongue in his ass. And that made him even more excited. Let them all look! Let them all know! Tomorrow everyone would know he was a queer and he didn't give a fuck. This was what he was. This was how he and Brian made love. And fuck anyone who didn't like it.

"Jesus!" Justin gasped as Brian probed his ass with his tongue and one long wet finger. "I... I came all over the bed!"

"That's okay," said Brian. "It's only the first time you'll come tonight. I'm so fucking horny I'm going to keep rimming you until you come again... and then I'll suck you until you come even harder. And, finally, I'm going to come up your ass until we both pass out." Brian paused. "If that's all right with you?"

"Do it, Brian," Justin breathed. He felt his warm come underneath him on the cool sheets of his bed. "Do it here. Now!"

"I'm only starting to fuck you," Brian said, his voice hoarse with desire. "Happy Graduation, Justin. And welcome to the rest of your fucking life!"


"Can't we sleep in my room, Brian?" Justin groaned as they walked down the front steps of Justin's residence hall. It was just after 2:00 a.m. and the dorm parties had finally wound down as the participants passed out or realized that they had to get up early the next morning and graduate from college. "I'm tired."

"I'm paying an arm and a leg for those flaming old queens' fucking bed and breakfast room, and we're going to sleep in it!" Brian declared. "Besides, I'm not spending the whole night wedged into a dorm bed. It's okay to fuck in, but my back isn't 18 anymore."

"Poor old man!" Justin said in mock sympathy. "But I have to be back here before 9:00 to get my robe and mortarboard."

"We'll be back in time," Brian reassured him. "Don't worry."

They stopped next to a dark, shiny vehicle and Brian opened the door.

"Brian, what happened to your Corvette?" Justin asked. Instead of Brian's dark green Stingray, there was a new black Jeep.

"Nothing happened to the Vette," said Brian. "Now get the fuck in. We have a twenty minute drive out to the Haunted B & B."

Justin climbed into the passenger's seat. The Jeep still had that 'new car' smell clinging to the interior. He closed his eyes as Brian roared out of the parking lot and off campus. In a few minutes they were cruising along a dark back road, headed for the bed and breakfast. The next thing he knew Brian was pulling the Jeep up in front of a classic New England guesthouse.

"Move your ass, twat," said Brian. "The old ghosts gave me a key to let myself in. I told them we might be a little late."

Justin jumped down and stretched. "You still haven't told me what happened to the Vette, Brian. Is it in the shop?"

"Nope," said Brian. Then he handed his keys over to Justin.

Justin stared at them. "'Yellow Submarine'? You have a 'Yellow Submarine' keychain?"

"No," Brian returned. "YOU have a 'Yellow Submarine' keychain. Unless that's no longer your favorite movie."

"It's still my favorite film," Justin frowned. "But... I don't understand...."

"Jesus," huffed Brian. "I thought you were graduating 'With Honors' from this expensive snob school!" He pointed to the largest key on the ring. "This is the key to the Jeep. This one is for the main door to our building. And this is the key to the loft. I'll give you the codes when we get back to Pittsburgh."

"You mean... I can drive this Jeep?" Justin said excitedly.

"You better," said Brian, heading up the steps of the bed and breakfast. "It's yours."

"Mine?" Justin looked at the keys and then at Brian's retreating back. "This is my Jeep?"

Brian stopped and turned around. "I thought I was speaking English," he said, facing Justin. "Yes, it's yours! It's your fucking graduation present! Now say 'thank you' like a good little WASP boy and then shut the fuck up about it forever, okay?"

Justin stared at Brian. "You... you bought me a car? A fucking CAR? For my graduation"

"Christ! It isn't a car. It's a 2005 Jeep Liberty, fully loaded," Brian sighed. "You want it in writing? The registration is in the glovebox. It's all in your name -- signed, sealed, and delivered."

Justin was at Brian's side in an instant. "I can't accept this! This is... too much, Brian!"

"It's the middle of the night," said Brian, wearily. "I'm tired, I'm horny, and I'm starting to get annoyed. Let's go upstairs and fuck."

"But I never expected anything like this!" Justin sputtered, tugging at his elbow.

Brian put his arm around his lover. "Listen, twerp, if you're going to live with me, you're going to need transportation to get to class or a job or wherever the fuck you're going to want to go. Since there's no fucking way I'm letting you drive my Vette, this is the best solution. Besides, it's a tax write-off. I'll put it down as a donation to the Arts."

"Brian, I... I don't know what to say," Justin murmured. "I... I...." And then he stopped because his eyes were beginning to well up and he was afraid that his allergies were going to get the best of him.

"Then get your sore ass up those steps," said Brian, slapping Justin's bottom and grinning as he winced. "Because you're going to pay for this so-called gift. Oh, yes! You're going to pay... and pay... and then pay some more. You're going to pay until that ample butt of yours finally wears out!"

Justin leaned against Brian and then tilted his face up to kiss him. The kiss lasted a while, long enough for Justin to forget how sleepy he'd been only a short while before.

"You know," said Justin to Brian as they finally went into the bed and breakfast. "I think this is one bill I won't mind paying -- no matter how often it comes due."

"Good," Brian smirked. "Because I'd hate to turn your ass over to the repo man!"

Justin raised his eyebrows. "Is he hot?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Brian laughed. "What have I gotten myself into?"

"What, indeed?" said Justin Taylor, soon-to-be Ivy League college graduate. "What, indeed!"

©Gaedhal, December 2005.

Posted June 10, 2006.