"A Queer As Folk USA FanFic Series"

by Gaedhal

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You can always tell when a guy isn't used to getting fucked. They always act like they are shocked that it's happening to them!

My tall project jumped when he felt me poke myself up against his ass. And when he jumped, he rammed even harder into the blond, who let out a squeal that echoed through the bedroom -- and probably all over town!

"Take it easy," Brian murmured, stroking the guy's back. "Take a deep breath. Just hold steady for a moment."

Brian's voice can be very soothing. And he was lulling both of the tricks to relax, but especially the tall one. He was the most anxious about this whole thing. And he was tightening up on my dick like a fucking vice.

"Brian, I don't know about this...." I started to say.

"Never say never, Justin," he answered. Now he was lulling me. And I really wanted to fuck this guy. I didn't want to miss this opportunity.

So I took it slowly. Very slowly. Brian began distracting him by moving over and kissing, licking, nibbling, and rubbing the blond's face, his neck, his pale chest. Encouraging the tall project to join him. Trying to get him to lose himself in the moment.

I continued to work my way in... until... Yes! I heard him gasp and dig back against me. I thrust forward and knew that I'd hit the spot. The trick wobbled, but Brian was there to catch him, so to speak. And the blond was mumbling little encouraging sounds and endearments. Brian urged the two of them together and then he leaned back to watch.

While they were kissing, I was trying to coordinate my movements to the tall guy's. And we were beginning to get into a rhythm. Since he was larger and more hit and miss in his thrusting, I just followed what he was doing.

"That's the ticket, Justin. Work with him," whispered Brian. "Don't let him get away. We wouldn't want a runaway train here, would we?"

"No!" I breathed. That was it. Don't let him get away. Don't let THEM get away!

The blond had wrapped his legs around his partner and I braced myself against them. Ran my hands up and down them. They were covered with a thick, but almost invisible layer of golden hair. It felt soft. Good. Really good.

I leaned harder against my tall project, settling my chin on his right shoulder. We were moving together like a unit now. He turned his face slightly and I licked his lips.

And that's when I felt Brian. Or, rather, I felt his dick. Probing my crack.

Getting ready to put the caboose on this choo choo train.



"Brian," I inhaled.

I felt him press against me. Enter me just slightly. I closed my eyes. Moved my ass back, very slowly. Concentrated. Tried to relax myself even as I was thrusting into the tall project in front of me. I felt him shudder underneath me.

"Easy, Justin," Brian murmured. "Easy."

And then Brian drove himself into me, all 9 fucking inches, right up to his balls.

"Oh! My! God!" I cried, gritting my teeth.

"Christ!" said my project. He bucked back against me, almost like he was trying to get away from me. But I held him firm. I slapped his ass briskly. Then I slapped him again. And he bore down into his own partner. Harder. Deeper.

Meanwhile, the blond, whose legs were practically behind his ears, was yelping like he was in pain. But it was a good kind of pain. I knew that from the sound he was making, from the movement of his pale body, and from the look of ecstacy on his face. His mouth flopped open and another cry escaped from him.

I wanted that pain to be mine. And I wanted it now.

"Fuck me, for fucksake, Brian!" I demanded. "Now! Fucking HARDER!"

"Get into the rhythm, Justin," Brian said calmly. "Don't lose the rhythm."

I thought of the tall trick under me. He was already breathing heavily. Fucking and getting fucked at the same time was obviously doing a number on his head, his ass, and his dick. He was a loose fucking cannon. Rhythm? I knew that he had no fucking rhythm whatsoever! This train was about to jump the tracks -- but I wanted to get off before the crash!

"Forget the choreography, Brian!" I wailed. "I want you to fuck me until my head explodes!"

"Okay, Justin," he groaned. "I just lit the fucking fuse!"



When you are wedged between two guys a lot bigger than you are, with your dick up one, and the other with his dick up you, your options are rather limited.

At that point I was just hanging on!

The blond underneath the tall project was singing a fucking aria while he was being pounded by his straight partner. Yeah, the definition of 'straight' was being a bit stretched this evening, as was the tall project's asshole by my thick dick. I may not approach Brian in length, it's true, but I'm broad exactly where you want to be broad, and I was giving the actor's hole my all.

Finally, the blond let out a wail and he came with a rush all over his tall partner, all over himself, and all over my hands and arms, as I had them wrapped around the tall guy as I was hammering into him. That blond actor shot a fucking gallon, let me tell you!

I heard Brian laughing in my ear. He was leaning against my shoulder, his chin resting next to my next. "So, that's one down," he said. "And three still to go."

Once his blond pal had unloaded all over everything, my tall project couldn't hold on any longer. He reared up and almost tumbled the blond over backwards as he came up his pale ass with a vengeance. The blond's eyes were rolled back in his head and his fuzzy legs were flopping around wildly as the tall one's entire body jerked, and shuddered, and then jerked again. Then he collapsed, like someone had let the fucking air out of him, right on top of the blond.

"That's two down," whispered Brian gleefully.

"Jesus, Brian," I gasped. "What do you have? A scorecard?"

"I'm always keeping score, Justin," he muttered. "Always. And never forget it." Brian reached down and put his long hands on either side of my hips. His touch was gentle, but firm.

But I was losing my tall project. He was panting as he was lying on the blond's chest and his ass was slipping forward, away from me. My dick was starting to slide back and out. "Brian...."

"Don't lose him, Justin!" Brian instructed.

So I pulled him back up onto his knees and held him into place. I thought about the way Brian holds me into place when he's fucking me. That sure, but determined grip. Letting me know who is fucking on top of the situation. I smacked the tall trick and he moved back against me. I was pretty sure that his own dick was still inside the blond, but it wouldn't be for much longer.

"Fuck!" I shouted and gave him everything I had. And I could feel what I had coming from deep within my balls. Building up, driving forward, slamming into the end of the condom deep inside the trick's ass with such force I thought it would break it. It didn't, of course, but that's what it felt like. Like speeding down the tracks, downhill all the way, and then careening into a wall.

I heard myself make a whooshing sound as I released my breathe in relief.

"That's three," announced Brian. "And now we'll send this engine over the final fucking cliff!"



The blond and my tall project both braced themselves when they felt Brian bearing down on top of us.

And that's what Brian was doing -- fucking all three of us at the same time.

The tall trick was still hanging on -- just barely! -- inside the blond and my dick was still deep into the trick, so we were all connected, all linked. Yes, that chain. That train. And now it was coming to the climax -- literally!

I guess I felt that I was getting the best of it all. I'd come about as hard as I ever had in my life and now Brian was exploring my ass like an archaeologist. Delicately and relentlessly at the same time. And entirely. He wasn't missing a single level of my hole with each stroke. Finding a new civilization with every burning, excruciating thrust.

And he was taking his sweet fucking time.

The blond was grabbing at the tall project's face, kissing him desperately. His poor ass must have really been screaming at this point. Begging for mercy and moaning for more at the same time.

And the tall trick was just trying to stay in the game. He was caressing the blond and dealing with his demands, while also backing up against me. Making a grunting sound every time Brian banged into me again and drove me forward back into him.

"Christ!" the trick gasped. "I... I'm hard again!"

Brian laughed. "Good man! Go for it!" Brian was enjoying this whole scene immensely.

And damned if the trick didn't pause for a second, reposition himself inside the blond, and start pumping away at him again! I thought the blond was going to turn himself inside out, he was writhing and bucking so hard.

"Brian," I said, turning to look at him. "I don't think my ass can hold up much longer. I mean it!"

His eyes were green and totally evil as he smiled at me. "Then take it, Justin. Take it right now!"

Brian heaved up and thrust into me so hard that I almost knocked my tall project sideways off the bed. The blond squealed as the project shot into him again at the same moment that I felt Brian release himself inside me with a jerking, shuddering crash. Brian fell against me, his mouth at the back of my neck, exhaling loudly.

"I think I need a cigarette," Brian said.



I woke up partly because the early sunlight was streaming into my eyes. But also partly because a wet, warm mouth was wrapped around my morning hard-on.

I looked down to see the blond, sprawled across the center of the big bed, with my dick in his mouth. He was sound asleep, but sucking away at me like a baby feasting happily on a thick, pink pacifier.

I reached down and fingered his white butt. It's a good one, for sure. Round and tight and high. But mine is better. Just my opinion, but I think Brian would agree. Of course, I'd still like to try that butt out sometime. I didn't get a chance to last night. There was just too much other stuff going on.

I gently pulled my dick out of the blond's mouth and climbed out of the bed more than a little stiffly. I felt like my body had just run a marathon. Which it had, in a way. A sex marathon that lasted almost all night. My back was killing me from being bent in so many positions, my left leg was cramping up, and my bad hand was kind of numb. I shook my hand out until the feeling returned with a prickly rush. And I won't even describe what my ass was feeling.

I limped over to the bathroom. The door was slightly open and I heard the shower running. I had been wondering where Brian and the tall trick had gone. They certainly weren't out in the kitchen cooking a big breakfast for us all or taking a brisk morning jog in the snow.

Nope. They were right where I should have expected the two of them to be -- in the shower fucking their brains out.

The glass door of the shower stall was steamed up, both from the heat of the water and the heat of the heavy pumping that was going on inside, but I could see Brian and the trick well enough. I took a quick piss and then stood back to observe. The two of them were totally oblivious.

It's amazing to watch two beautiful men fucking each other. At least I think so. I mean, I think the way Brian and I fuck is pretty great to look at. We've done it in front of his big mirror a lot of times and Brian has also taped us with his video camera. Watching those homemade fuck films always leads to another round of more of the same. Brian is tall and his hair is dark and his body is all golden and I'm short and blond and my skin is pretty pale, so the contrast between us is really hot.

But it was something else seeing two guys so evenly matched. Just about the same height. Two perfect lean, long bodies. Endless thighs. Asses a little flat, but with just enough curve in them where you want some curve. And that tawny skin, like a lion's golden pelt. And the water cascading down their bodies behind that slightly distorted glass.

It was also difficult to tell who was who inside all that steam. But I knew, of course. I would know Brian immediately under any circumstances. Even in a dark room filled with look-a-likes, I'd know him. It isn't his body so much. It's his smell, his taste, the way he moves, his entire aura. Everything. Like the penguin who can find his mate in the middle of a million other penguins. Unmistakable.

Besides, I just looked to see who was doing the fucking. It's easy to find Brian when you do it that way!

"Pretty hot, huh?" said a voice behind me.

I laughed and turned to look at the blond. His hair was sticking up a little and he was yawning and scratching his balls. "Brian is getting his morning wake-up call," I commented.

The blond rolled his eyes. "Looks like he's GIVING this wake-up call!"

"Well, that's what Brian does," I replied. "I thought your buddy was straight? At least, that's the buzz." I liked pulling this couple's chain. Brian and I have a lot of issues to our relationship, but figuring out whether we're both fags has never been a problem.

The blond made a face. "He IS straight," he said firmly. "He's straight -- but not narrow."

I guffawed. "When Brian finishes with him his asshole is going to be anything BUT straight OR narrow! He'll just have to admit it then!"

The blond shook his head. "Don't even go there," he said, a little sadly. "Don't even." And he walked back into the bedroom, his round butt bouncing.

I followed him. Or rather, my dick followed him. It knew where it wanted to be. Inside that nice round bounce. So I just let Nature take its course.

I really LOVE Toronto!



"It's funny," I said to Brian as we were walking along Church Street. We'd just come from having breakfast at a little cafe and were walking back towards Yonge Street to pick up a cab to the hotel. "It's freezing out, but I don't feel all that cold."

Brian snorted. "Your blood is still boiling from last night. And from this morning, too!" He snaked his arm around me and rubbed his black leather gloves against my shoulder.

"Why, Brian! I think you're jealous!" I snarked at him. Well, he had seemed a bit put out when he walked in from the shower and saw me fucking the blond. I mean, I was the only one who hadn't gotten my dick in him yet, so I figured that it was my turn, right?

"I don't do jealous, twat!" he insisted. "Except we were supposed to be doing everything TOGETHER. That was the whole point of this little excursion."

"Brian, before I fucked the blond, we both saw you in there doing the tall guy!" I stopped and looked to see if he was really pissed or just kidding. "What's fair is fair!"

"That's different!" said Brian. "We both happened to be in the shower and... things happened!"

I laughed out loud. "Brian, in a bathroom that small two guys just don't HAPPEN to be in the shower together!"

"Maybe not," Brian admitted.

"And I suppose that he just accidently backed up right onto your 9 inch dick? Is that it?"

Brian smiled. "Something like that. You're pretty smart -- for an obnoxious twink."

"I'm not a twink, Brian," I insisted. "I left twink-dom behind a while ago."

"Not to me. You'll always be a twink to me." Brian took a tight hold of my hand. He scanned the street for a taxi. "That's why I have to look out for you. Especially when there are so many weird guys in the world." He wrinkled up his nose slightly.

"I thought those guys were great, Brian!" I said. "They were nice and funny and hot. What more could you want?"

"I don't know, Justin. It was fun. But don't forget our Rule."

A cab pulled up and Brian opened the door. I got in and Brian slid in next to me. He told the driver to head for the Four Seasons Hotel.

"I haven't forgotten, Brian," I answered. "But this was sort of an international take on the Rule. So maybe we don't have to be quite so... rigid about it, don't you agree?"

"There's only one thing that I'm ever rigid about," he said, putting my hand under his long coat and right on top of his pants. And his dick. As usual it was hard. "You know that, Justin."

I gave it a nice squeeze and felt it twitch. "Jesus, Brian, you are something else!"

He turned and looked at me. "I know. And thanks for getting me out of my rut. I really needed that. I hadn't realized how much I was working my brains out instead of fucking my brains out. That's never a good thing." And he leaned over and kissed me.

We kissed for a while until the taxi pulled up in front of the Four Seasons. The doorman opened the door and we got out. Brian paid the driver and added a big tip.

We were due to fly back early tomorrow morning and it was a beautiful, blindingly bright winter day. There was still time for some shopping and then maybe a quiet dinner tonight -- just the two of us. In all, a fine Winter Break. I couldn't help but grin.

"You know, Brian," I said as we walked into the hotel. "That thing about the Rule. The reason I brought it up was... I mean... well...."

Brian frowned. "What the fuck are you on about, Justin?"

"See, the blond and I were talking and the guys have a Friday off in a couple of weeks and that means they have three days free... and I sort of...." I paused.

"You sort of what?"

"Invited them down to Pittsburgh. For the weekend. And because it'll be in a different country I figured that the Rule didn't apply. Not officially. Because we wouldn't be fucking them twice in the same country." I looked up at Brian. I gave him my innocent face. He loves the innocent face.

"You're a devious little shit, you know that?" Brian bitched. He pulled off his black leather gloves and shoved them into his pockets as we got onto the elevator.

"I know," I replied. "Devious. And a little shit. So... is it okay? If they come to the Pitts?"

It was just the two of us in the elevator. And it was a long way up to our floor, way at the top of the hotel. Brian pressed me against the elevator wall. "I think I like the way you think, Justin. So... how long did you say it was until Spring Break?"


© Gaedhal, February 2004.

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