"A Queer As Folk USA Fan Fiction Series"

by Gaedhal

These chapters are part of a series called "Queer Theories."

The chapters are set out in an often non-chronological fashion, with flashbacks occasionally interrupting the main narrative, but each chapter reflects on the preceeding ones and looks forward to what will be revealed in future chapters. I guess I think in an often non-linear manner -- perhaps that is part of my "queer" style of story-telling. I am currently in the processing of revising and updating a number of the early chapters, including some reordering of chapter numbers. I hope that this will make the narrative flow better and that you will enjoy the unfolding of the narrative.

These stories deal with gay and straight characters in a frank manner, so they are for mature readers only, please!



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Here are Chapters 1 through 59 of "Queer Theories":

Chapter 1 is "Lasagna" . It takes place in Pittsburgh, February 2002. The narrator is Debbie Novotny, and it features Justin, with Michael and Vic. Brian is gone (but don't ask where just yet) and Deb is worried about Justin staying at the loft by himself.

Chapter 2 is "Red Shirt" . It takes place in New York City, February 1988. The narrator is Ron Rosenblum, a graduate student at NYU making a film about teenage runaways. Ron is a "non-canonical" character, but I hope that won't stop you from reading this piece: it is important to unraveling the character of Brian Kinney and understanding the other chapters.

"Red Shirt -- Part 2" continues the story in NYC.

"Red Shirt -- Part 3" finishes the NYC story.

Chapter 3 is "Queer Theory -- Part 1" . It takes place in December 2001 in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Mellon Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered Film Festival. The narrator here is Gay and Gender Studies Professor Ben Bruckner. Ben is taking part in a tribute to his old friend, gay filmmaker Ron Rosenblum, the center of which is a screening of his award-winning documentary, "Red Shirt." Features Ron and Michael, with Justin and Brian.

"Queer Theory -- Part 2" finishes the story told by Ben of the aftermath of the Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered Film Festival.

Chapter 4 is "Lost Boys". It is narrated by Vic Grassi, and takes place in Pittsburgh in April of 1988, after Brian's return from New York City. Features Debbie, Michael, and Brian.

"Lost Boys -- Part 2" continues Vic's narrative in 1988. Part 3, the final section of this chapter will be forthcoming.

"Lost Boys -- Part 3" finishes Vic's narrative in 1988.

Chapter 5 is "Two Virgins". It is narrated by Brian and Justin, respectively. One night at the loft, December 2001; Justin returns from the Film Festival to tell Brian about something he's seen. Takes place at the same time as "Queer Theory."

Chapter 6 is "Armani". Here is Part 1 of the Continuing Adventures of Brian Kinney: Hollywood Wife. Los Angeles is a great place to shop. Takes place in February 2002.

"Armani -- Part 2" continues Brian's narration in L.A.: The Shopping Trip.

"Armani -- Part 3" continues Brian's narration in L.A.: The Dinner Party.

"Armani -- Part 4" concludes Brian's current narration in L.A.: The Club.

Chapter 7 is "Expense Accounts". It is narrated by Debbie Novotny, and features Michael, Justin, Emmett, and Ted. It is February 2002 and the boys decide to meet at the diner for breakfast for the first time in ages.

Chapter 8 is "Open Lines I". Conversations between Brian, Lindsay, Justin, Daphne, Emmett, and Michael. A busy morning on the phones: reach out and touch someone! Takes place in February 2002.

Chapter 9 is "Looking for This My Whole Life". Narrated by Michael Novotny. An unlikely couple moves in together. Takes place in February 2002.

Chapter 10 is "Sugar Daddy I". Narrated by Brian Kinneyand features Diane Rhys. Cosmopolitans and vodka martinis in the afternoon with Diane. Takes place in February 2002.

Chapter 11 is "Valentine's Day". Narrated by Michael Novotny, Ted Schmidt, Brian Kinney, and Justin Taylor. Four perspectives on the holiday. Takes place Valentine's Day, 2002.

Chapter 12 is "Shoot the Moon -- Part 1". Narrated by Ron Rosenblum. In Part 1, Ron's picture, 'The Olympian' is in big trouble. Takes place February 2002.

"Shoot the Moon -- Part 2" finishes Ron's narrative at the rehearsal set.

Chapter 13 is "Drama Queen I -- Part 1". Narrated by Brian Kinney. In Part 1, Brian is not in a very good mood after the 'rehearsal.' Takes place February 2002 and directly follows "Shoot the Moon."

"Drama Queen I -- Part 2" finishes Brian's narrative.

Chapter 14 is "Open Lines II". With Lindsay, Carmel, Ben, Michael, Cynthia, and Justin. More phone calls. Takes place in March 2002.

Chapter 15 is "Outtakes I". POVs of Ron Rosenblum and Brian Kinney, with Jimmy Hardy, Freddy Weinstein, Others. Clips of the process, Hollywood, February-March 2002. (Revised Chapter, 1/16/03)

Chapter 16 is "Shopping Lists -- Part 1". Narrated by Emmett Honeycutt. Emmett thinks about his past encounters with Brian, Justin, and Michael. March 2002, with flashbacks to Christmas 2001 and Christmas 1998.

"Shopping Lists -- Part 2" concludes Emmett's narrative.

Chapter 17 is "Outtakes II". Narrated by Ron Rosenblum and Brian Kinney, with Jimmy and Tess Hardy, Sir Kenneth Fielding and Hughie Marsh. More outtakes from the Hollywood cutting room floor, March 2002. (Revised Chapter, 1/16/03)

Chapter 18 is "Like Pittsburgh". Narrated by Michael Novotny, with Justin Taylor, Vic Grassi, Debbie Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Jennifer Taylor, Tim Reilly. Michael is worried about Justin facing an anniversary alone. April 2002.

Chapter 19 is "Two More Lost Boys". Narrated by Vic Grassi, with Tim Reilly, Brian Kinney, and Dr. Max Finer. Vic seeks out his old friend, Tim Reilly, for advice about Justin. Takes place in April 2002, with a flashback to April 1988.

Chapter 20 is "The Devil's Candy". Narrated by Ron Rosenblum, with Brian Kinney, Jimmy Hardy, Carmel, and Michael Novotny. Ron thinks Brian is up to something. We don't know what Brian thinks. April 2002. (Revised Chapter 1/16/03)

Chapter 21 is "Venus in Furs". Narrated by Diane Rhys, with Brian Kinney. Takes place in March and April 2002. Diane befriends Brian at a bad time.

Chapter 22 is "Stonewalling". Omniscient POV, with Brian Kinney, Diane Rhys, Ron Rosenblum, Jimmy Hardy, Freddy Weinstein, and Jerry Baxter. April 2002. Brian's disappearance has shut down production on "The Olympian."

Chapter 23 is "Drama Queen II -- Part 1". Narrated by Brian Kinney. Brian comes back to the house, but he's not home free.

"Drama Queen II -- Part 2", continues Brian's downward spiral.

Chapter 24 is "Waiting for the Man -- Part 1". Narrated by Brian Kinney. There are ways, and then there are ways....

"Waiting for the Man -- Part 2", concludes Brian's narrative -- almost completely....

Chapter 25 is "Goddess of the Hunt". Diane is concerned about Brian -- and does something about it.

Chapter 26 is "Sooner". Brian has a recurring dream. The Spencer Pavilion, Los Angeles, April 2002.

Chapter 27 is "Mother's Day". Takes place on Mother's Day, May 12, 2002, with a flashback to February 1988.

Chapter 28 is "The Olympian -- Part 1". Shooting concludes on Ron's picture, "The Olympian." May 2002.

"The Olympian -- Part 2", concludes Chapter 28.

Chapter 29 is "Fast Food". Narrated by Deb. A surprise is served up for Deb on a rainy Monday morning in May 2002.

Chapter 30 begins with "Love Minus Zero/No Limit -- Part 1". Narrated by Justin. It's a Monday afternoon in May 2002, Justin comes home in the rain.

"Love Minus Zero/No Limit -- Part 2", continues Justin's narrative.

"Love Minus Zero/No Limit -- Part 3", continues Justin's narrative.

"Love Minus Zero/No Limit -- Part 4", concludes Justin's narrative. Yes, it is raining again. But it doesn't matter if you are safe and warm in bed.

Chapter 31 is "Songs of Innocence". Narrated by Brian Kinney. New York City, January 1988. Brian learns the first important lesson of his life -- there's no mercy for anyone.

Chapter 32 is "Reality Check". Narrated by Emmett Honeycutt. Emmett looks at Brian's return to Pittsburgh. May 2002.

Chapter 33 is "Later". Narrated by Brian Kinney, with Justin Taylor. The counterpoint to Chapter 26, "Sooner." Pittsburgh, May 2002.

Chapter 34 is "The Culture of Desire". Narrated by Ben Bruckner, with Brian Kinney. Brian stops by to see Ben in his office at Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

Chapter 35 is "Sugar Daddy II -- Part 1". Narrated by Brian Kinney. Brian and Justin take Gus shopping at the Big Q-Mart. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

"Sugar Daddy II -- Part 2". Narrated by Brian Kinney. Brian and Ted wait for the boys at Woody's that same evening. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

Chapter 36 is "Justification". Narrated by Justin Taylor, with Brian Kinney. Justin gets a few things off his chest. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

Chapter 37 is "Open Lines III". With Brian Kinney, Ron Rosenblum, Jimmy Hardy, and Diane Rhys. The phone lines burn up between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. May 2002.

Chapter 38 is "Antipasto -- Part 1". Narrated by Debbie Novotny, with Brian Kinney, Vic Grassi, Justin Taylor, and Others. Brian takes the whole gang to dinner at Papagano's. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

"Antipasto -- Part 2" concludes dinner at Papagano's.

Chapter 39 is "Songs of Experience". The second of the flashbacks to 1988 based on the poetry of William Blake. Follows "Songs of Innocence."

Chapter 40 is "Mistake-Proof". Brian tries to work things out with himself -- and Justin -- before he returns to California. Pittsburgh, May 2002.

Chapter 41 is "Confessions -- Part 1". Tim Reilly talks to Brian about the past in order to understand the present and deal with the future. Pittsburgh, May 2002/April-May 1988.

"Confessions -- Part 2". Concluding the story of Tim Reilly and Brian. Pittsburgh, May 2002/April-May 1988.

Chapter 42 is "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Part 1". Brian's visit to Pittsburgh is coming to an end. May 2002.

"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Part 2". Justin takes Brian to the airport to see him off.

"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Part 3", the conclusion. Brian and Justin kill some time at JFK.

Chapter 43 is "La La Land", Brian returns to Los Angeles -- but things are far from status quo. June 2002.

Chapter 44 is "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)", Justin comes back from New York -- alone -- and has a talk with Michael about his future.

Chapter 45 is "Open Lines IV", More phone calls between L.A. and Pittsburgh as Lindsay and Justin prepare for trips away from home. June 2002.

Chapter 46 is "Aloha", Both Ron and Ben attend the Maui Film Festival; Ron is making plans for Brian -- again. June 2002.

Chapter 47 is "Vanity Fair I", Lindsay and Gus arrive in Los Angeles -- with a 'surprise' for Brian. Are we really that surprised? June 2002.

Chapter 48 is "Have Your Cake", We interrupt Lindsay's narrative with a personal request. Actually, an overwhelming request from the multitudes. They want the poolhouse. The poolhouse? Why not? This is for all you voyeurs who asked for it, but especially Max, who gave me the title. Los Angeles, June 2002.

Chapter 49 is "Father's Day", Brian takes Lindsay, Justin, and Gus out to brunch on Father's Day. Los Angeles, June 2002.

Chapter 50 is "Vanity Fair II", Lindsay and Justin go on a photo shoot with Brian. Los Angeles, June 2002.

Chapter 51 is "A Natural Woman", Brian takes Justin to meet Diane. Los Angeles, June 2002.

Chapter 52 is "All the Good Ones Are -- Part 1", Tess Hardy reflects on her encounters with Brian between December 2001, in Maui, and June 2002, in Los Angeles.

"All the Good Ones Are -- Part 2", the conclusion of Tess's narrative.

Chapter 53 is "Stable Venture", Brian and Justin go to the racetrack to look at a horse Ron and Jimmy want to buy -- but Brian gets a surprise there. June 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 54 is "Pillow Talk", With so many guests staying at the house, Brian has a very, very busy night. June 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 55 is "Moviola -- Part 1", Justin and Ron have a discussion and Ron invites Justin to watch a video with him. June 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 55 is "Moviola -- Part 2", Justin and Ron watch a video together. June 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 56 is "Sunday Morning -- Part 1", The fallout begins when Brian returns home. June 2002, Los Angeles.

"Sunday Morning -- Part 2", Brian and Justin leave the house. June 2002, Los Angeles.

"Sunday Morning -- Part 3", Brian and Justin take refuge with Diane. June 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 57 is "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", Brian and Ron 'negotiate' their relationship? June/July 2002, Los Angeles.

Chapter 58 is "The Hustle", Jennifer meets Justin on his return to Pittsburgh. July 2002.

Chapter 59 is "Fireworks -- Part 1", Jennifer wants Justin to attend the July Fourth Picnic at the Arcadian Country Club with her and Molly. Justin wants to bring a guest. July 2002.

"Fireworks -- Part 2", The July Fourth Picnic turns out to be more exciting than Jennifer has ever imagined. July 2002.

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