"A Queer As Folk USA FanFic Series"

by Gaedhal

These are "Real Life" fanfics that are based somewhat on interviews and statements made by the cast and creators of "Queer As Folk - U.S." -- and a lot on my own imagination. If you are uncomfortable with stories about "Real People" then be forewarned. These stories are rated "R." They are fantasy. They are for fun, only! I hope you enjoy them!

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The first "Folk Lore" story: "Just Acting": Gale auditions for a part in a new cable television series.

The second "Folk Lore" story: "Moving Scenery": Gale discusses taking the part he's been offered with another actor in the repertory company.

The third "Folk Lore" story: "No Limits": Randy is very nervous as the cast gathers on Monday morning to be introduced to the Showtime executives.

The fourth "Folk Lore" story: "No Rehearsal Necessary": Gale arrives in Toronto to prepare for filming the first scenes of the new series.

The fifth "Folk Lore" story: "Settling Down": Filming the first scene in the loft turns out to be a challenge for Gale and Randy.

NEW!!!! This isn't technically in the "Folk Lore" Universe. In fact, I'm not sure WHAT Universe it's in. It's the "Toronto Excursion": Brian and Justin take a short trip to Toronto -- and have an encounter with two actors from Justin's favorite cable television series.

Nic was the one who challenged me to write the first of the "Folk Lore" series. Here's the link to his site: HEPHAESTION'S QUEER AS FOLK FANFICTION. He has "QAF" fics, as well as Real Life fics, and his great "Historical" stories. Don't miss them!

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Updated March 4, 2004.