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So, Set a spell.
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Y'all come back now, y'hear?

You can access The Poptarts History at this link. Enjoy reading a little of the saga (and sometime soap opera!) of one of the pioneer All-Girl Pop Bands of the Late Seventies -- and the Best! The Poptarts are a part of music history -- before the Go-Go's, before the Bangles, before the Spice Girls -- they were taking mini-skirts where no miniskirts had gone before!

Meegan! Gael! Cathy! Margie! Susan!

And click here for More Poptarts -- including some Poptart FUN Facts, just like "16 Magazine"!!

For another fab fan page please visit Gary Allen's Poptart Pages! Gary Allen was our manager and is still my great friend and advisor. His fabulous pages feature newly found photos of the Poptarts, as well as other vital stuff. Wanna hear some Poptart music? Well, look no further than Mr. Allen's Poptart Real Audio Sound Samples ! Hear "The Poptart Theme" and many other might-have-been hits! If you like them, get back to us for more.

Also be sure to visit the New Times Review, an appreciation written by our favorite Tart Booster and Rock Critic Carl Cafarelli. Carl and fellow Pop maven Dana Bonn have just begun a radio show in Syracuse, New York called "This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio" on the great and brand new WXXE 90.5 FM -- Syracuse Community Radio . The Poptarts are HIGH on their playlist, along with The Flashcubes, The Plimsouls, Squeeze, Scott McCarl, The Ramones (of course!), and SOOO many other wonderful bands and artistes. They are NOW broadcasting on the web! Listen in this week!

You can read Carl's Retrospective of The Flashcubes, The Poptarts' Power Pop mentors and pals in days of yore, published recently in honor of their new compilation CD, "Bright Lights." And did you catch the mention of our humble site in DISCOVERIES magazine April issue: Jeff Tamarkin's "Where the InterAction Is!" Wow! Take a gander! If you aren't a regular reader of DISCOVERIES, you'll find it a vital source of information on music past and present.

The Poptarts on Cleveland's "Afternoon Exchange" -- this was the same studio where the legendary "Upbeat" show originated. Interviewing us: Wilma Smith.

You can also see one of my poems about my days with The Poptarts: it's called "Delinquency" -- you can fulfill your literature quota for the week by viewing it.


My current musical outfit is Knickers in a Twist , which also features my male alter-ego and infamous ex-Tearjerker, Dave, as well as my song-writer partner Mark. We have played most of our gigs in Cleveland (my hometown and current home of Mr. Mark), but we are planning to branch out a bit in the coming months. Our opening stint with the fabulous Kenndys in Syracuse was one of our favorite gigs ever if you missed it, you missed a great show!

The Macs Are Here!

Thanks to my good friend and ex-manager Gary Allen, I am able to put up these never-before-published photos of the Original Nurk Twins, Paul and Mike McCartney. You can see me and the Macca on our "date" -- so don't wait!

I teach and do the scholarly thing at Syracuse University. Stop in at the Department of English and Textual Studies -- or as John Cleese would put it The Department of Anguish and Textured Stockings. I gave a paper in May of 2000 in Toronto at the "BRAINWATCHING" conference. Their website is one of the best, so eyeball the panels and the great photos, as well. A collection of papers from the conference, including my article "Impatient with Stupidity: Alien Imperialism in The Day the Earth Stood Still," appears in the anthology Closely Watched Brains , edited by Murray Pomerance and John Sakeris and was published in January 2001 by Pearson in Canada. Many great articles on film in there and well worth owning!

This past July 2001 I also attended the conference "Exploring Masculinities and Film" at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. I gave a paper on British villains and The Patriot. A fabulous conference in a really lovely city. And the weather was so sunny and warm I couldn't get over it -- ordered especially for our pleasure, no doubt. Thanks to all the people who put on this shindig and did it so well.

I've been working on some material on two of my favorite Movie Stars, Cary Grant and David Niven. You might want to check out a little comparative essay on them called "A Perfect English Gentleman: Cary Grant and David Niven in Hollywood."

A couple of my articles are being used by other instructors around the country. If you hear of any other examples, please let me know. Diane Negra used my article on The Quiet Man, which is located at Jenny Curtis' The Crackpot Film Critic Website, in her course RTVF 4900 -- Ethnicity and American Film at the University of North Texas.

My article "The King of White Trash Culture: Elvis Presley and the Aesthetics of Excess" (in White Trash: Race and Class in America, ed. Newitz and Wray, Routledge) has been featured in classes in The Sociology of Culture, Popular Culture/Anthropology, and Country Music.

Another article "The Face on the Lunchbox: The Construction of the Television Teen Idol" is available through the journal The Velvet Light Trap . It is being used in at least two classes that I know of -- one on Popular Culture and the other a Sociology course on Adolescent Girls.

I teach in The Writing Program at Syracuse University. We are doing lots of interesting things with writing and rhetoric and research, so wander over and take a look.

If you are interested in the world of Fan Fiction, you might want to visit my own Fanfic series page called "Queer Theories" . Check them out. Enjoy. Feedback is always welcomed!

Now that you have gotten a small taste of the World of McGear and The Poptarts, clink HERE for many great Links for music, film, friends, and other important stuff!

Many thanks to Chris Modern in San Francisco for the black and white photographs of the Poptarts and for scanning our logo. And thanks also to Diane Daniels for the color photos, and our manager, Gary Allen, for making them available for these pages.

Please send your comments to GaelMcGear@aol.com.

And as always:

To the Toppermost of the Poppermost!

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