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by Gaedhal

This is Part 17.

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Features Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Michael Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Ted Schmidt, Debbie Novotny, Others.
Rated R for language and contains no warnings or spoilers.
Summary: Brian and Justin go to breakfast at the Liberty Diner. September 2000.
Disclaimer: This is for fun, not profit. Watch Queer As Folk on Showtime, buy the DVDs, videos, and CDs. Read the stories and enjoy.

Thursday, September 7, 2000, continued:

"I don't want to go to school today."

"What do you mean, you don't want to go to school? I'm going to drive you over there!"

Brian stood at the mirror, shaving, while Justin smeared a little shaving cream on his own face and waited for his turn. Brian twice had to wipe off the mirror, still a little steamy from their second shower of the morning, because Justin had drawn a picture on the fogged up glass that looked suspiciously like two men fucking.

"I'm starving! And I'm already late for First Period. You can drop me off during lunch hour and no one will know the difference. I'm sure Daphne is covering for me," said Justin.

"Oh, she is, is she? And what if she gets into trouble? I'm not worried about YOU getting into trouble because I'm sure you can talk your way out of anything!" Brian washed his face in the sink and then rinsed off the safety razor.

"It's true -- I can." Justin smeared a little more shaving cream on his face and neck.

"Brat!" Brian smacked Justin's bare butt.

"Ow -- watch that!" said Justin, wincing.

"A bit tender?" inquired Brian. "Then I promise that I'll never do that again. I wouldn't want to hurt you." He smirked at the boy.

"You had BETTER do it again. And again. And again. The whole night was incredible! I think that making love is really amazing! In fact -- let's do it right NOW!" Justin turned and pressed himself up against Brian. The boy was already hard, and feeling his moist, pink cock against his naked thigh was making Brian hard again, too.

"Later, you little sex fiend! I think four times in the last two hours is enough even for YOU! Here, let me do that." Brian took the towel and wiped off most of the shaving cream. Then he swiped the blade down Justin's cheeks. "If I can find your beard, that is."

"It's there -- it's just a little light." Justin stood up a bit straighter. He liked the feeling of Brian shaving him. It felt sensual and made him tingle. He liked Brian touching him in any way.

"I'd get more hair by shaving your ass. Want me to try that?"

"Maybe!" the boy replied, hopefully. The thought of the foamy shaving cream on his butt sounded nice. He liked the texture of it. He wanted to feel Brian's long fingers massaging the cream into his crack.

"I'm only kidding!" Brian wiped the rest of the cream off Justin's face. "Two showers in the same morning -- we're going to be VERY clean. You'd better get dressed for school."

"But I'm hungry! I can't last until lunch. And I don't have any clean clothes," the boy said, pouting.

"You can have some of my underwear. I have more clean pairs than I need. I always overpack." Brian walked out into the room and pawed through his suitcase, pulling out a pair of grey briefs and a tee shirt. "Your pants should be okay -- we didn't mess THOSE up! And you can put your shirt back on. What school do you go to? Is it far?"

"I go to St. James Academy."

"A Catholic school?" asked Brian. "I don't know that one."

"No, it's WASP/Episcopalian. I have to wear a uniform. And a tie!" said Justin, looking at the briefs Brian gave him. "But I have an extra uniform in my locker, so I can change at school."

"That's good, then." Brian was refolding all the clothes that he had disturbed. He hated his suitcase in disarray.

"Briiian -- please?" Justin said, putting his arms around Brian's waist from behind. "Can't I go to the diner with you? And get something to eat? You can drive me to school afterwards."

"But I'm meeting those guys there. That old friend of mine from high school and his friends. So, how do I explain YOU?" Brian turned around and held the briefs out and Justin stepped into them. Brian eased them slowly up around his hips, savoring the sensation of dressing the boy. Then he cupped his creamy ass for a moment -- and gave Justin's cock a little adjustment in the front for good measure. "There you go."

"Why do you have to explain me at all? Why do you have to explain anything? It's none of their business, Brian!"

"I know, but...." Brian put another clean pair of briefs on himself.

"Do you even really know these guys? I mean, you just met them last night." Justin drew on his cargo pants and zipped them up.

"But I just met YOU last night, too. Remember?"

"But that's different. You LOVE me!" He came over and stood by Brian's suitcase.

"Oh, I do, do I?" Brian couldn't help but turn towards Justin and take him into his arms, kissing him deeply.

"Yup. You said so about a million times while we were fucking -- I mean 'making love'!" said Justin, brightly. "I like saying 'making love' much better! But it WAS still a million times. At least."

"Oh? A million times?" Brian smiled, looking down at him.

"Well, a couple thousand, anyway. Or it seemed like it. Besides, I love you! And you love me! So what's to explain to anybody?" Something caught Justin's eye and he pulled out of Brian's arms and reached into the suitcase.

"Hey, I just refolded all those shirts!"

Justin smirked and hauled out the black wifebeater. "I like THIS!" He turned to Brian. "Wear this!"

"That? To breakfast? Are you kidding?"

"Sure, why not? Put it on!"

"It's not even clean! I don't even know why I brought it."

Justin buried his face in the cloth. "It smells good to me. It smells just like YOU! Please put it on. Please? For me?"

"All right." Brian slipped the top over his head and smoothed it down. He remembered wearing it to the faculty picnic. That was only days ago, but it seemed like a lifetime. And Brian felt like a completely different person from the one who had hesitated to wear this black tee shirt because it was too revealing.

"It's HOT!" exclaimed Justin. "You HAVE to wear that!" Justin rooted through Brian's suitcase. "Do you have any other cool things to wear?"

"Not really," Brian said, regretfully. "Nothing 'hot.' Nothing really great. Just my Dockers and my off-white shirts. I guess I'm pretty boring, Justin."

"You aren't boring, Brian!" said Justin. "But everything you wear should be great! To show off your body. I mean -- because they won't let you walk around naked ALL the time!"

"Funny, but that is sort of what Emmett said, too," Brian admitted. "About showing off my body, NOT about running around naked. Although I'm sure Emmett would approve of THAT, too!"

"Who's Emmett?"

"One of Michael's friends. He was there last night at the club. Babylon. He wanted to change my whole wardrobe."

"Sounds like he knows what he's talking about, Brian." Justin looked at one of Brian's plain shirts and tossed it back into his case. "I know! We should go shopping! Today! Right after breakfast."

Brian smiled. "I was thinking of that last night. I DO need a few things. You must have read my mind, Justin."

The boy pressed up against Brian. "Like minds think alike. Like we were both thinking last night! So -- can we fuck again now? I mean -- can we make love again? Please?"

"No! Finish getting dressed," Brian said, turning away and pulling on a pair of faded jeans. Ron thought they were too tight, but Brian liked them anyway. They felt snug against his cock. Brian looked over at the boy, who was standing by the suitcase, pouting. "All right -- I'll take you to breakfast!"

"To that place on Liberty Avenue?" Justin's smile filled up the entire room.

"Yes. The Liberty Diner. Now hurry up. And after breakfast, I'll take you to school."


Michael was nursing a beast of a hangover. Last night at Babylon had been disastrous. He'd had a clear shot -- a CLEAR fucking shot! -- at finally fucking the guy he'd been dreaming about for years! Since he was fourteen years old, in fact! And he blew it! He was an idiot, that's for sure. He'd had Brian right HERE -- and he let him get away! Michael put his aching head down on the table as he sat in the booth.

He'd been sitting there with his friends, Ted and Emmett, for almost twenty minutes, trying to work up the initiative to order breakfast. His friends were getting impatient. They wanted to order, eat, and get on to work. Michael's mother, Debbie waited, pad in hand, but Michael was unable to act. He was unable to do much of anything at all, it seemed! Deb sighed and moved on.

There was no way that Michael would ever see Brian again. He'd run away from Babylon after that lousy experience in the backroom like all the fucking fiends from hell were chasing him. And over something so stupid -- getting a blowjob at Babylon! The guy acted like he'd never been in a fucking gay dance club before! Or maybe he hadn't, really. Anyway, Brian had been upset. Very upset. And he took off and never looked back. Michael had gotten roaring drunk because of it. Ended up going home with Ted, his old fall-back choice, and fucking him. Mechanically. Just because that's what you did after a night at Babylon. You fucked someone. Anyone! Not that Michael didn't like Ted. He did. But he wasn't Brian. No one else was Brian!

"If you aren't going to order any breakfast, do say so, Mike. Because I'm hungry! Now! And I want to order!" Emmett, sitting across the table from Michael and Ted, slapped his menu on the table, right next to his friend's head.

"Em, get out of my face!"

"Ooo, someone is in a pissy mood! Didn't you have a fine old time last night at Babylon? You certainly were doing a great impression of someone 'having fun'!" Emmett snarked at his friend.

Ted, sitting next to Michael in the booth, interrupted. "I think Mike needs a handful of aspirin and a lot of 'hair of the dog that bit him' this morning." Ted was feeling rotten, too, although he didn't want either Mike or Emmett to know it. He'd had to hear about that fucking Brian all night long! Or rather, about Michael NOT fucking Brian all night long! Mike just wouldn't let it go. And Ted was sorry he'd taken Mike home. They usually had a good time, but last night was horrible.

"Do tell? What's the matter, Mikey? Not communicating just because you let your 'Dream Lover' get away last night?"

"Shut the fuck up, Emmett!" said Michael, lifting his head up. His eyes were red-rimmed.

Debbie returned to the booth. "Are you boys finally ready? Hey, Michael? Do you think you can eat something and then get back there and work your way through some of those dishes?"

"Ma! Give me a break!" Michael muttered.

"Not my problem, honey. You go to Babylon, get fucked up on a weeknight, and you have to work the next morning -- you should know better, Michael." Debbie looked at her son and sighed. "So how did Brian like the decadent scene at Babylon?"

"Oow," moaned Michael again and put his head back on the table.

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" Debbie looked at the other two men.

"He DIDN'T, Deb," explained Ted. "He cut out early. I think he found the experience a little too 'intense' for his delicate sensibilities." Emmett snickered across the table.

"Humph," Debbie snorted. "Not everyone is in love with fucking and sucking and drinking and drugging their way through life, you know! There's more to the world than Woody's and Babylon. Maybe it's time that you boys realized that."

"I don't need to hear that, Ma!" Michael complained.

Debbie looked up as the door of the diner opened. They were busy that morning and there were guys waiting for booths. She wished that her son and his friends would get a move on so she could get some paying customers in this booth. But Michael was playing the drama queen role up way too much this morning and Debbie didn't have time for all that shit.

A tall man in a tight black tank top and jeans came in, holding the door open for a shorter blond kid wearing a plaid shirt. The two stood in line, the tall man craning his long neck, as if searching for someone. A number of guys in the diner turned to look the tall number over.

Who looked incredibly hot this morning, thought Debbie. Much hotter than when he... "Shit!" whispered Deb. "Brian!" Debbie lifted her hand to catch his attention. "Speaking of the devil," said Deb to the guys in the booth. "Here he is."

"What?" said Michael, sitting up straight.

"Your pal, that's what. Brian." Debbie waved him out of line and over to the booth. To her surprise, Brian walked over leading the blond twink by the hand.

"Brian!" Michael almost yelled. He stood up and gave the taller man a big hug, totally ignoring the young blond stranger at his side. "I didn't think you were coming!"

"I'm a little late -- but I made it," he said, untangling Michael's arms from his neck. "WE made it," he corrected himself, glancing at the kid.

The twink stifled a laugh and looked over at Deb. Then he smiled. She couldn't help but smile back at that cheerful face. "And what's your name, Sunshine?" She said, cupping his chin in her hand.

"Justin," Brian said, rescuing the kid from Deb's interrogation. "This is Michael, and Ted, and Emmett. And this is Debbie. And Justin is very hungry. Is there enough room here or do we have to wait?"

"No! There's plenty of room, Brian!" exclaimed Michael. And he motioned for Emmett to move over. Brian slipped into the booth and the boy squeezed in next him. Brian snaked his arm around Justin's waist and pulled him in even closer -- a moment that wasn't lost on the others.

"So? Are you kids ready to order now? Brian?"

"Just black coffee for me. But HE," Brian inclined his head towards the boy. "He wants the works."

"The works, huh?" said Deb. "How about the Liberty Special? Guaranteed to replenish your energy after a long night of cruising. What do you say, Sunshine?"

"Sure! I'm starving! But we weren't 'cruising' -- I've never been cruising! We weren't cruising all night, we were...."

"We were working on our stamp collection," said Brian, putting his hand over Justin's mouth. Which made the boy giggle even harder. Brian removed his hand and gazed at Justin. "The Liberty Special? Can you really eat all that food, Justin?"

"Sure! Does it include pancakes, too?"

"Of course, honey. And sausage and eggs and hash browns -- and whole wheat toast!"

Brian burst out laughing. "Whole wheat toast! That's the healthy part, right? How can you eat all that food?" He said to the boy. "You'll pop!"

"Just watch me!"

And the two were smiling at each other and groping each other under the table, totally oblivious to Debbie and the other three men in the booth -- Emmett, watching with growing fascination, Ted, just gaping, and Michael, his face growing redder by the moment.

"And the rest of you boys?" Deb prodded. And they ordered without taking their eyes off Michael's old friend and his new possession. Debbie bustled off to get the food.

"So, um, Baby -- where did you and Jason meet?" Emmett got the ball rolling.

"Justin," said Brian. And he sat back on the seat, frowning slightly. He was trying to be cool about this situation, but Brian realized that it had probably been the wrong thing for him to bring Justin here for breakfast. He should have taken him out to the Eat 'n' Park, instead. Then they wouldn't have had to answer a million questions. And Michael was glaring at Justin like a dog who had just lost a large bone. Yes, he should have expected Michael to have a problem with this.

"Right here on Liberty Avenue!" exclaimed Justin. "Outside the big club down the street. That's the first time I've ever been down here! I was standing under that lamppost, checking out the scene. And about a hundred guys came by and a lot of them were looking at me. But they weren't the right one."

"The right one for what, twinkie?" said Em.

"Just -- the right one! I knew that I'd recognize him when I saw him. So I just waited. Until Brian came along and found me -- and then he took me home!" Justin offered, excitedly. "It was almost midnight and Brian was afraid that some weirdo might try to kidnap me! So, he saved me!"

"Oh, is that what I did?" Brian said, dubiously.

"What else would you call it?" said Justin, stretching neck up to rub his chin against Brian's jaw.

"I don't know. What would YOU call it?" The two whispered at each other, their faces close together. Michael was staring at them across the table, his eyes narrowing.

"Excuse me, boys," said Emmett. "This is all well and good, but, to put it bluntly -- what the fuck happened to you after you left Babylon last night, Baby? I mean, other than picking up Cinderella here?"

"I don't know what you mean, Emmett," said Brian, evenly. He sat back and crossed his arms in front of him.

"Last night you were like Doris Day at an orgy, Baby," commented Emmett. "And this morning you seem to have acquired your own certified Boy Toy! That's a lot of progress in only one night!"

"What's a Boy Toy?" asked Justin.

"Never mind. Just ignore them," said Brian. "They're just... jealous."

Michael made a deep huffing noise. "Sure! I think I've seen this kid before. I'm sure I have. Hustling just off of Liberty Avenue! So much for Cinderella!"

"Michael," Ted touched his friend's arm, warning him to back off.

"What's he talking about, Brian?" Justin looked up, the picture of innocence.

"You better take that back, Novotny -- if you want to keep your face the way it is," said Brian. And he meant it. He squared his shoulders in the black wifebeater and his arms looked hard and smooth, like marble with a buttery sheen.

"Oh, yeah?" Michael bristled. He felt Ted's hand clutching his arm, but he wanted to do something! It wasn't FAIR! Brian showed up last night in the diner! Michael KNEW that meant something! Brian was supposed to be HIS trick! And he blows Michael off and shows up this morning with some fucking Cub Scout! "Then what were you doing on the street last night, kid? Selling Girl Scout cookies?"

"Michael -- don't. Please," said Brian. The last thing he wanted to do was get into a fight with his oldest friend. Besides, Brian wasn't sure he'd stand a chance against the smaller, but more developed man. And he knew Michael had a lot more experience as a tough guy. But Brian wasn't about to back down now. He felt very protective of Justin and no one, not even Michael, was going to hurt him or insult while Brian was around. No one.

Michael was breathing heavily now. He'd been dreaming about Brian for so many years -- and to have it end up with him beating Brian up? Over some fucking twink? Michael stood up. "I have work to do. I'll see you guys later." And he slunk off to the back of the diner, not looking at Brian or the kid.

"If you don't mind?" Emmett pushed the other two out of the booth and sat back down next to Ted on the other side. "Lots better that way."

"I fucked things up with your friend, didn't I, Brian?" Justin said, his lower lip trembling. "Now I know why you didn't want to bring me here. But I insisted. I'm so sorry."

"It doesn't matter. Michael is a grown man. We are friends -- or we WERE friends -- and nothing more. He has no right to make comments about you, Justin. Right, guys?" Brian's eyes riveted the other men, challenging them to disagree.

"Right, Brian," said Ted. "Michael isn't feeling too well this morning. He's hungover and so he's a bit cranky."

"Extremely cranky. So don't you take it personally, Cinderella." Em reached over and patted the boy's hand. "You really ARE as cute as you could be! How old are you, darling?"

Justin's eyes glanced at Brian, then back to the skinny man in the purple shirt. "I'm eighteen. And I'm in college!" The boy proclaimed.

Brian rolled his eyes. "He's seventeen -- and he's a senior in high school. I'm taking him to class as soon as he's finished eating. If we ever get our food and get out of here."

"But Brian, isn't it better if I say that I'm eighteen? I mean...."

"Don't lie, Justin. Never lie," Brian said. "It's better to tell the truth when you can. Even if it's painful. Sometimes especially if it's painful." And Brian stared into space, like he was elsewhere at just that moment. But then he shook his head.

"Are you really in high school?" asked Ted, with interest.

"At St. James Academy. That's a private school. It's a good school, but some of the guys are jerks," said Justin.

Just then, Debbie brought their food. She served Justin first and smiled at him. "Michael is brooding in the back. I told him to get over himself. Don't worry, Sunshine. My son can be an asshole, but he's well meaning. He's just got a big old crush on Beautiful here and he can't stand to see anybody else with him." Deb smiled sadly.

"I can understand that, Debbie! I have a big crush on Brian, too!" said Justin, grinning. Then he shoved a large forkful of pancake into his mouth. "This is great!"

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Sunshine!" And Debbie patted the boy's golden head. Poor Michael! He was always an also-ran! He was a sweet boy -- when he wanted to be. But so tough now. So hardened by all the bad things that had happened to him. And how could he really have expected to win the interest of this gorgeous man who was so obviously out of his class? Or compete against this juicy young twink? Especially when they couldn't take their eyes -- or their hands -- off each other.

For not even the food could consume the boy's interest completely. He kept taking pieces of the breakfast on his fork and trying to feed Brian. A bit of sausage, a section of toast, a taste of the hash browns -- Justin fed Brian like a mother spooning oatmeal into a baby. And Brian was eating it. He even broke down and ordered a bagel, toasted, with low fat margarine, and then ate the entire thing. "I guess I WAS a little hungry," he said.

"You ought to be!" cried the boy. "After fucking me ALL night long!"

"Justin!" said Brian, turning ten shades of crimson, while Ted and Emmett fell over each other, howling.

"It's okay, hon," said Debbie, patting Brian's shoulder. "No need to be embarrassed. And you're a lucky man, I'd say."

"Of course!" added Emmett. "We didn't think you were teaching little Cinderella ballroom dancing all night, Brian! Although I'm sure Michael would rather that you had been. So," Em looked at the boy, who was staring at everyone, a little confused. "Tonight -- at Babylon. You and Brian MUST be there!"

"I don't think so, Emmett," Brian interrupted. "I didn't like that place. I don't think it's a safe place for Justin to be. Or me."

"No, Brian," countered Emmett. "This is an ORDER! You MUST bring the boy -- it's very important. Because tonight at Babylon we are going to have a special Coming Out Party for this twink to celebrate his first day as a queer! What about it, Cinderella? Are you ready for the Ball?"

"Yes!" He looked at Brian. "Pleeeease take me! Brian? Please?"

"Well...." Brian gazed at Justin. He was bouncing up and down on the seat, so excited. And Emmett was nodding. And even Ted smiled at them both. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad. And after his horrible introduction to Babylon the previous night, Brian now knew what to expect. And he'd watch the kid like a hawk to make certain that no one else came near him. NO ONE else!

"Okay, Emmett. It's a deal," said Brian. "Tonight, then, Justin. I'll take you to Babylon."

And the boy threw his arms around Brian and kissed him deeply, his full mouth sticky with maple syrup. It was the sweetest thing Brian had ever tasted in his life. Ever. So he tasted it again. And that's when he knew that he couldn't stop.

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