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by Gaedhal

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Features Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Emmett Honeycutt, Ted Schmidt, Michael Novotny, Alex, Marcus, Fritz, Others.
Rated R and contains no warnings or spoilers.
Summary: Brian takes Justin to Babylon for the first time. September 2000.
Disclaimer: This is for fun, not profit. Watch Queer As Folk on Showtime, buy the DVDs, videos, and CDs. Read the stories and enjoy.

Thursday, September 7, 2000, continued:

After Justin had eaten the last of his meatloaf and mashed potatoes, as well as two lemon squares that Debbie slipped across his plate, the boys walked out onto Liberty Avenue and headed for Babylon.

Justin was so excited he was bouncing up and down. And the closer they got to the club, as the music became louder and the crowd of men began to converge on the entrance, the more Justin was almost jumping out of his pants with delight. At one point he knocked into Ted, who started to make a nasty comment -- until he caught a glimpse of Brian, narrowing his eyes at him. So, instead, Ted just said, "Excuse ME."

As they stood in line to get into Babylon, Justin noticed that they were checking ID's and Membership Cards. "Brian -- I don't have a card. And my fake ID is pitiful! It looks nothing like me! What if they don't let me IN? I'll DIE if I don't get in! I WILL!"

Brian took hold of his arm, trying to keep him in one spot. "Justin, please calm down. You'll get in. Don't worry. Emmett will make sure we all get in."

"But what if...?"

Emmett turned around. "There's a special tonight for all Drama Princesses -- which means YOU get a free pass, Cinderella!"

"I do?" gasped Justin, his eyes wide.

"He's pulling your leg -- and only I am allowed to do THAT," said Brian, blowing his warm breath along the back of Justin's neck, right above the collar of his new blue shirt. "But don't sweat it -- you'll get in."

Sure enough, the guy checking cards at the door took a long lustful look at Brian, greeted Emmett and Ted as old friends, and let Justin walk in with the gang without even a question.

Once inside, Justin's senses were awash with the loud music and pounding, hypnotic beat. The club was dark around the edges, but in the center of that world, the dance floor, all was bright and flashing lights, all colors of the Rainbow Flag and more. Justin was sure that he'd never seen so many hot guys in one place in his life. Many had their shirts off and were writhing and bumping together, practically humping in public. Justin could hardly wait to get Brian out there and begin writhing and bumping with HIM -- THE hottest guy in the city!

And if Justin had believed that Brian was incredible before he'd set foot inside Babylon, he was certain of it once they were securely positioned at the main bar. Because it seemed to Justin as if every guy in the place was lusting after Brian. Every pair of eyes that passed them took in his lover's long, lean form and handsome face and then smiled at him invitingly. A few men had even reached out to touch Brian's arm or ass as they had walked through the club -- and Justin had pushed himself aggressively between Brian and all these interlopers.

But from Brian's perspective, it looked as if every man in the place had his eye on Justin. He was sure that he heard a few comments about 'boy toy' and 'cute twink' as they passed, and Brian grabbed Justin's hand a little tighter, not relaxing until the four of them got to the main floor bar.

The gang had been standing at the bar for only a few minutes when three twinkies, blond, shirtless, and maybe a little older than Justin, but not by much, came by the bar to look over Emmett's 'New Meat.' Brian checked them out and decided that they looked harmless enough, but he still kept a strong hold on Justin's waist, his finger hooked around one of the loops of Justin's cargo pants.

"Hey!" said one of the boys, the designated spokesman. He was a little taller than the other two and had a crooked smile.

"Hey!" responded Justin, smiling back at megawatt power.

"You wanna dance with us?" asked the Head Twink, while the other two nodded.

Brian immediately bristled, but Justin looked up at him. "Can I? Is it okay?"

"I thought you said you were NOT going to go off and leave me brooding in the corner?" Brian said, not completely joking.

"Oh, Brian!" Justin murmured, reaching up to touch his face. "I'm just going to dance with them! I'll be right back!"

"Let him go, Baby. All the boys dance in a little twinkie pile like that! We can keep an eye on him from right here," said Emmett, lifting his beer to his lips and taking a swig. "And there's safety in numbers, too, out on the dance floor," he added.

"I don't know...." Brian had a horrible picture of someone grabbing Justin and dragging him off to the backroom when Brian was looking the other way. But Justin looked so eager to dance. And Brian desperately wanted to dance with him, but he wasn't exactly anxious to display to Justin just how pitiful a dancer he actually was. He didn't want to disillusion the kid, after all -- Justin really believed that everything Brian did was perfect.

"Please?" Justin was bouncing again. And the three other twinks were bouncing with him. Ted, standing next to Emmett, was beginning to get seasick watching them.

"Go ahead," he said, finally, bending down to whisper in Justin's ear. "But don't fall in love with any of those guys and leave ME in the lurch! Remember who bought that shirt for you."

"I won't forget. I'll never forget," Justin whispered back. "And YOU remember who gave you your bracelet."

"Okay -- we're even," Brian nodded and kissed him deeply, just in case he needed a further reminder. "Now go and dance. I'll catch you later."

"And don't take any pills someone hands you," warned Emmett. Brian recalled then that Emmett had once had a problem with some club drug. Crystal meth. "And I mean that, Cinderella!"

"I promise, Em!" said Justin -- and then he whirled away.

"I'm exhausted just watching him," commented Ted. And both Ted and Emmett looked over at Brian. "Is he so... energetic ALL the time?"

Brian kept his face blank. "Even more so." Brian paused while the two exchanged glances. "He is almost able to keep up with ME," Brian added, smiling a wolfish smile and raising one quizzical eyebrow.

"Oh, my!" said Emmett, sorry that he was probably not ever going to get the opportunity to test THAT possibility out for himself. Brian, who had seemed so nerdy the night before, was shaping up into a definite Dangerous Man. The BEST kind of man, thought Emmett, feeling a firm twitch inside his pants.

Ted only shook his head glumly. Brian and the kid were practically fending off tricks with a whip and a chair and Ted had already struck out three times with guys he'd approached with his patented "Hi, how's it goin'?" Ted began watching the door of the club, hoping Michael would arrive soon.

And only moments later, Michael came skidding to a stop in front of the bar. He was out of breath. "Jesus! I ran all the way here! I was afraid Ma was going to try and make me take another shift!"

"Have a beer and catch your breath, Mike," said Ted, happily handing him a bottle. Ted knew that Michael had designs on Brian, but he also knew that it would never, ever happen while Brian was hooked up with the blond twink. Which meant that Ted had a good chance of snagging Michael again tonight. And Ted planned to make the most of it THIS time! Not like last night when all Mike had been able to talk about was Brian-Brian-Brian!

"Thanks, Ted. You're a sweetheart," said Michael. Then he turned to Brian. "Are you ready for that dance yet? You promised me at least one!"

"How about in a few minutes, Mikey? Let me finish my beer," said Brian, never taking his eyes off Justin, halfway across the room.

"Okay -- but I'll be back! What about you, Ted?" Michael put his hand out to the other man.

"Anything to avoid being a wallflower, I guess -- even second choice," Ted sighed dramatically. But inside he was gloating.

"Don't be such a drama queen, Teddy," said Emmett as he pushed Ted and Michael in the direction of the dancers. "I wish those two would just give it up and pair up!" said Em, when they were both out of earshot. "It would certainly save a LOT of long, meaningful stares on both sides!"

Brian cocked his head. "Do you think they are in love with each other?"

Emmett choked on his beer and coughed it back up. "Love! Baby, you are TOO much! It has nothing to do with LOVE -- but everything to do with having someone to fuck regularly. That's what it is really all about."

"I can't agree with that, Emmett," said Brian. "I just can't."

Emmett snorted. "Do you think you 'love' little Cinderella over there, Brian? Truly?"

"I...," Brian hesitated. "I think I do. If I don't, I don't know what to call what it is that I'm feeling."

Emmett laughed. "How about 'Brian rediscovers his cock after many years of it being in hiding'? How about THAT for your 'feeling,' Baby?"

But Brian only shook his head. He just couldn't understand Emmett's skeptical attitude. But Brian did wonder sometimes whether he was too trusting of his emotions. Too willing to let himself get caught up in a feeling or a romantic gesture. In the past Ron could easily derail a discussion or avoid having to explain something simply by counting on Brian's susceptibility to a soft word or a little loving attention. Maybe Brian DID need to steel himself against too much sentiment. Not let himself get swept up in a storm of emotion.

Brian watched Justin dance for a few minutes, and then he asked Emmett a question. "Em -- where is the Tool Shed?"

"The Tool Shed?" said Emmett in surprise. "Goodness, Baby! What do you want to know THAT for? The Tool Shed is a heavy leather hangout over on Hendricks Avenue, near that industrial area."

Brian reached over and picked up the beer he had ordered from the bar. "This guy I sort of met at the mall invited me there. I was just wondering about it."

"Some guy at the mall? Do tell, Baby! Who is he?" Emmett was all ears. Brian's adventures in Queer World were becoming Emmett's favorite new soap opera!

"Just a construction worker on his lunch hour. He... he tried to pick me up this afternoon. Next to the Food Court."

"Baby!" cried Emmett. "You ARE a busy bee! And? How was he? A beefy, brutal top?"

Brian blushed and played with his beer bottle. "I don't know, Em! I told him I was shopping. But he kept following me around the mall."

"Whee! Sounds like he knows a hot thing when he sees it!" Emmett exclaimed.

"Will you be quiet, Em!" Brian slunk back against the bar. "Anyway, Joe told me that he usually hangs out at the Tool Shed or another place. Muggsy's -- that's it. And he gave me his number."

"Joe, huh? Muggsy's? And the Tool Shed?" said Em, impressed. Brian might be a slow starter, but he seemed to have a lot of potential! Oh, yes! "Those are two heavy duty dives. Sundays are Suckarama Nights at the Tool Shed! I would keep that number if I was you, Baby. It could be the beginning of a very stimulating Little Black Book."

Brian laughed sheepishly. "I was thinking that too!" Brian's mind went over the varied men. Joe at the mall. And the guy who cut his hair, Barney, who had slipped HIS phone number into Brian's pocket. And then there was Dr. Kumar, too. Guys who were really, truly interested in HIM. It felt very peculiar. "I was just curious about the place, Emmett. I'm really not interested in him or any other guy. Except Justin, of course."

Emmett followed Brian's eyes out to the dance floor. Justin was whirling around, laughing and jostling against the group of twinks, having a fine time. Emmett sighed. He'd been involved with a few sweet young things in the past few years. It hadn't even been that long ago that he had been a sweet young thing himself. And he knew what that meant.

"Baby," said Em to Brian, confidentially. "Keep that number. If you are really serious about breaking up with your partner and being back on the market, then BE on the market. Have some fun. Play the field. Little Cinderella is as cute as the dickens, but he's a twink, for heaven's sake! Twinks are horrible long term bets -- especially seventeen year old twinks!"

"What do you mean, Em?" asked Brian, turning his bottle of Rolling Rock in his hand, pretending to be interested in the label.

"I mean that you're leaving Pittsburgh in a few days, and believe me, Baby, I don't want to sound cynical, but a week from now, two weeks tops, little Justin won't even remember your name!"

Brian gazed out at the dance floor, illuminated by hundreds of flashing lights. At Justin, dancing and giggling in the middle of the group of young boys, the center of their attention. The most beautiful. Obviously. Yes, it was that obvious to anyone who had eyes.

"Do you really think so, Em?" Brian said, suddenly subdued. He had been thinking many of these same things himself at certain moments. When he felt insecure. Or when he felt the anxiety rising up in him. When he thought about how truly young Justin was -- the difference in their ages was greater even than between him and Ron. And look what had happened there -- eventually....

"I KNOW so, Brian," Emmett continued. "A twink's head and heart are like his dick -- they shoot off in all directions every ten minutes. Can't you remember what YOU were like when you were seventeen?"

And Brian could remember. He could remember all too clearly. Living with Ron in his apartment in New York. Being so happy -- Brian had never been so happy, so contented in his life. He had never even considered looking at anyone other than the man who had 'saved' him. The man he idolized. Idealized. Loved so completely.

Maybe it had all been an illusion, even then. Maybe Brian had been too young and frightened and excited -- and even too romantic -- to see the reality of his circumstances. Maybe he was just a convenient fuck who fell into the perfect situation for his 'talents' and got a free ride out of it. Maybe he had been too naive to see Ron for what he really was -- egotistical and controlling, someone who viewed Brian as a possession to use or reject at his whim.

But... it hadn't been like that -- had it? No! Brian really had loved Ron. And Ron had loved him back. He knew that was true. At least at the beginning. Brian liked being in a relationship with Ron. It made him feel safe and secure for the first time in his life. He wasn't afraid that someone -- his old man, Stan, some unknown trick -- would hurt him anymore. Ron gave him that much right from the beginning.

And Brian had never been a flighty kid who could fuck and forget and go happily on his way. And he couldn't imagine that Justin was that way, either. That he would forget Brian in a week and never look back. Because Brian was certain that he could never forget Justin so easily, even if....

"You know, Brian," Emmett broke in on his thought. "It is better that he IS a twink, when you think about it. You'll be leaving and who knows when you'll be back. If you were fucking someone older and more serious it might be a problem. Things could get 'complicated.'"

"What do you mean, Em?"

"Men can get so possessive, you know?" explained Em. "Like if you'd hooked up with Michael. THAT was a bullet you were lucky to dodge, Baby! And I say that as Michael's very close and personal friend. If Michael got even a taste of YOU, he'd never let you go! HE would drive to Indiana and camp out on your lawn if he thought there was a chance he could fuck you again! That could be a nasty little predicament." Emmett craned his neck and glanced over to where Michael was grimly dancing with Ted -- while staring intently at Brian.

"You really believe that, Emmett?" said Brian sadly, setting down his beer without finishing it. He ran his fingers over the shell bracelet that Justin had tied onto his wrist only a few hours before. "I mean, about how a younger guy can just... forget so easily?"

"About a twink? Of course! His heart will be tragically broken for almost a whole day -- and then he'll bounce right back like a rubber ball. I mean -- look at him out there on the dance floor! I'm sure we will see his perfect bubble butt adorning Babylon for some time to come! And with a huge assortment of sugar daddies and other twinkies to play with, he'll have a marvelous time!" Emmett smiled as he watched the blond boy move his pouty ass under the flashing lights. But Brian wasn't smiling at all.

"Brian! Hi!"

Brian and Emmett looked up to see Alex and Marcus, Brian's two 'fashion coordinators' coming towards them through the crowd. Alex was wearing a white Madras shirt covered with embroidered flowers and vines, while Marcus had on a silver shirt in some metallic material that picked up every light in the place.

"We told you we'd see you at Babylon -- and here we are!" cried Alex.

Emmett raised an eyebrow. "Brian -- Baby -- I thought you didn't know anyone in town?"

"Emmett, this is Marcus and Alex. They're the guys from the Men's Department at Kaufmann's. They helped me pick out some clothes this afternoon. This shirt. And the leather jacket. And Justin's shirt, too."

"Oh, right!" said Marcus. "The blue gauzy number! And where is THAT?"

Brian pointed to the dance floor, where Justin was moving and grooving. He saw Brian gesturing and he smiled and waved cheerily.

"Honey, he is TOO cute! I just knew he would be! Didn't I say that, Marcus?" Alex nodded to his friend.

"Alex definitely said that," Marcus laughed. "He said 'THAT man isn't buying THAT shirt for any troll, dolly! He has GOT to be a dish of cream you could eat up with a spoon!' And he was right! That boy is definitely no troll!"

Emmett was listening and watching the newcomers with growing interest. Real live retail queens! Emmett quietly ordered three Cosmopolitans and offered two to Alex and Marcus. They grabbed the glasses and the three immediately began to dish the clothes of everyone in sight.

This gave Brian the opportunity to head for the men's room. He didn't particularly relish going into that stew again after what had started there the night before, but when you have to piss -- Brian couldn't think of a graceful alternative.

Brian could have sworn that the exact same guys who were making out in the men's room the previous night were still in there. Or in there again. At least, they looked like the same guys. Brian couldn't tell anymore.

The acrid smell of sweat and grass and poppers was as strong as ever. So was the cruising going on. But this time Brian wasn't clueless. At least he could recognize a pass now -- or thought he could. And the passes began the minute he pushed open the door. But he wasn't about to get himself commandeered into that backroom again. No way!

Brian pissed, washed his hands, and then pushed past the offers of blowjobs and snorts of various powders to head back to the bar. He didn't want to let Justin out of his sight for too long. Who knows what might....


He looked up and Justin was there, right outside the men's room door. "Is everything okay?"

"I saw you walk away and... I was afraid you were leaving!" Justin pressed himself up against Brian. "I thought you were mad because I was dancing with those other guys! But it was nothing -- really! I wouldn't even let them touch me!"

"I wasn't leaving," Brian reassured Justin. "I'm just not used to drinking all that beer and I had to piss like a racehorse!" Justin laughed at the image -- which wasn't that far off. "I would never bring you here and leave you! What were you thinking?"

Justin looked down. "I don't know. There are so many hot guys here -- and they're all looking at YOU, Brian! I thought you might want to... I don't know."

"Yeah -- I have my eye on a very hot guy." Justin's head jerked around to look, but Brian pulled his face around to meet his mouth. "And I have a nice hold on him right this minute."

Their lips met and they pressed against each other slowly, then more forcefully, completely oblivious to the fact that they were standing in the middle of a surging and noisy club. Some men passing by stopped to take in the view. The two were hot -- definitely. The tall, dark number in the leather jacket and the creamy blond twink making out was almost as good as anything that was going on in the backroom.

One guy -- a muscular blond with a crewcut -- watched them with special interest. The pair had moved over to the side, a little under the stairs, where it was darker. The twink, whose blue blouse was unbuttoned and barely hanging on his pale shoulders, had pushed off the tall one's leather jacket and opened up his red silk shirt to feel his chest and suck at his nipples. That got the muscular guy -- Fritz -- very revved up. Then he made his move.

He came up behind the dark haired man. Brian. That was his name. Fritz remembered it from last night. What a cock this guy had! Like it was sculpted out of marble and twice as hard. The kid was new to him. But he could picture a very interesting scene with the three of them. In the backroom. Fritz had poppers and Brian seemed to like them last night. Yes, Fritz could see himself fucking that smooth, firm ass while Brian fucked the kid. The thought of it was making his dick leak. He put his hands on Brian's waist and moved up against him.

"What the fuck?" said Brian, startled.

Justin pulled back and saw the other guy groping Brian. "Hey! What are you doing?"

Fritz draped his arms over the other two. "Come on! Let's get some action going in the backroom!" And Fritz reached out and ran his fingers across Justin's chest.

Brian's hand snapped out to smack away Fritz's hand. "No! Not tonight. Not tomorrow night. Not next year!"

"Come on, Brian!" Fritz coaxed. "I can think of lots of fun we could have with that nine inch dick."

"Brian -- Do you know this guy?" Justin asked, his eyes widening.

"We had a 'conversation' here last night," said Brian, his eyes warning Fritz to keep quiet about the backroom. And Fritz read the seriousness in Brian's glare. So he backed off -- at least for now. He wasn't about to get into anything tonight -- especially not with a guy he still had hopes of fucking. No, he'd take his time and get another chance. It would be worth it -- if the taste he'd had last night was any indication. Definitely worth it.

"Okay, Brian. I'll see you around. I'll take a raincheck -- on BOTH of you!" And Fritz sauntered away.

"Brian -- did that guy really want to FUCK both of us? Right HERE?" Justin was shocked and thrilled at the same time. This Babylon was an amazing place!

"Yes, he did," admitted Brian. "He's one of Mikey's old boyfriends. And he tried to hit on me last night. He and Michael had a few words. I think he's trying to get even tonight."

Justin leaned against Brian. "Are you... going to take me into the backroom and fuck me? Are you?"

Brian frowned. "Do you want me to?"

"Yes! Right NOW!" Justin breathed. "I can't wait until we get back to the motel! Please?"

Brian held Justin's shoulders tightly and pushed him back a step. "No! NOT in the backroom. No WAY! We came here to dance and -- even though I am the world's WORST dancer, as you will soon discover -- that's what we are going to do!" Brian put his arm about Justin and led him back into the light. "But no backroom! And I mean it!"

"Okay." Justin smiled. He hadn't really wanted to do anything with that other guy. It was just the THOUGHT of it! Of what the men were doing back there. Of what he and Brian could be doing back there! And all of the men watching them. Last night he'd been a virgin -- and tonight he could be the center of an orgy! That was exciting! But not with the other blond guy. Not him at all. He was kind of creepy. But Justin knew that Brian would never let anyone else touch him. And he felt very safe, even surrounded by a mass of horny men.

The pair shifted onto the dance floor. Emmett waved at them and Brian tossed his leather jacket over to him. Then the two began moving to the music. It was some old ABBA song, remixed. The beat seemed stronger than last night, Brian thought. Easier to follow. Justin put his hands on Brian's hips and Brian wrapped his arms around Justin's neck and they leaned their heads together until their foreheads just touched.

And it suddenly seemed so easy. Brian normally could barely move to music, let alone dance, especially when he was by himself. But when he connected with Justin, it was a completely different world. Justin's body flowed along into the music and Brian simply followed. Brian didn't feel so tall and clumsy when he was moving against Justin. Not so fumbling and awkward. Not at all. It was... it was like fucking! That was it! And they were grinding together in the same kind of rhythm, with the same kind of synchronicity.

Brian tried to imagine himself dancing this way with Ron. Or with Mikey. Or anyone else. And he couldn't. The night before, when Emmett had pushed him out on the dance floor for the first time, Brian had flopped around like a fish cast up on dry land. Not that it mattered. The guys who had their eyes on him were right there anyway, feeling his body, thrusting themselves against him aggressively. That wasn't dancing, Brian thought. That was sexual harassment!

But Justin was so different. He danced naturally, innocently, the way a bird flies or a dolphin swims. Emmett had bragged about his own distinctive 'moves' -- but that's what they looked like -- moves. With Justin it was merely existing in space. Inhabiting that place and making it his own. And if Brian could step in there and join him, he, too, could at least appear to know what he was doing. If Brian could imagine that they WERE fucking to this assertive beat, this hypnotizing music, then even he could look like he really WAS dancing!

Brian thought that Justin had the same look of rapture and release on his face while dancing that he had when Brian was plunging into him with his cock. A little spasmodic, a little stuttering. He was taking those same shallow, gasping breaths -- and then releasing it all as the music opened into a new dynamic, moved up to a new level. And all the banks of lights popped and flashed around them, while cascades of white confetti and golden glitter fell down on them like stars from the sky.

"Brian," Justin whispered. "Is this what is feels like in heaven?"

Brian sighed deeply. "I'll tell you later -- when I'm inside you," he answered.

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