"A Queer As Folk USA Alternate Universe Fan Fiction Series"

by Gaedhal

Here are chapters in the "Queer Theories"/"Nowhere Man" Alternate Universe Series!

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Some of you who frequent the QAF boards on Yahoo and TWoP (Television Without Pity) might be aware that I've been asking readers for their input about a possible sequel to "Queer Theories" called "Queer Realities." But I also have a sequel outlined for "Nowhere Man" -- probably to be called "Fool on the Hill" -- that would pick up where NM will leave off and follow this Alternate Universe through the First Season. Because of my teaching schedule next semester, I will not be able to do both sequels simultaneously. I would love to do BOTH of them -- eventually -- but I can only do one at a time. So, the problem is which to carry on with first. If you have a preference -- or if you'd rather I just shut up and get OUT of your life so you can have your computer to yourself again -- just let me know!

Send Gaedhal your input on the sequel question -- as well as any other feedback, comments, and questions. If you have let me know via the boards, I already have your vote down! And thank you!

"NOWHERE MAN" is not exactly a teaser and not exactly a new series. It's a little of both -- and a bit of a mystery:

It might help to read Chapter 2 of "Queer Theories" for the background of Brian/"Jack" in New York: "Red Shirt" takes place in New York City, February 1988. The narrator is Ron Rosenblum, a graduate student at NYU making a film about teenage runaways.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 1" (Office): Takes place in September 2000 in a galaxy far, far away. Brian is having trouble getting any respect from his colleagues at the university.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 2" (Gym): Brian stops at the gym on his way home.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 3" (Life): Brian thinks about his life.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 4" (Picnic): Brian is confronted with reality. It isn't very nice.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 5" (Walk): Brian has a little chat with Ron.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 6" (Joanie): Brian arrives at the Kinney house in Pittsburgh.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 7" (Ben): Brian goes out to dinner with an old friend in Pittsburgh.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 8" (Jack): Brian takes his father, Jack, to the doctor.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 9" (Diner): Brian decides to take a ride -- down to Liberty Avenue.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 10" (Mikey): Brian meets an old friend at the Liberty Diner.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 11" (Babylon): Brian goes with Michael to Babylon and meets a couple of his friends.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 12" (Backroom): When bad things happen to good Brians.... (This one is especially for the girls at Susan's QAF Party today! Happy reading!)

"Nowhere Man -- Part 13" (Baseball): Justin Taylor comes to an understanding. Summer 1995.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 14" (Street): Brian meets someone under a streetlight on Liberty Avenue.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 15" (Room): Brian and Justin spend the night in Brian's motel room.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 16" (More): Brian and Justin both want something more.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 17" (Breakfast): Brian and Justin go to breakfast at the Liberty Diner.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 18" (Mall): Brian drops Justin off at school and then goes shopping.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 19" (Parents): Brian and Justin both must deal with their parents.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 20" (Ron): Ron Rosenblum has a very bad day.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 21" (Gift): Brian gives Justin a gift -- and Justin gives one back.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 22" (Dance): Brian takes Justin to Babylon for the first time.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 23" (Phone): Brian gets a late-night phone call and Justin learns a new lesson. This chapter has a second page, so don't forget to click on the link at the end of page one!

"Nowhere Man -- Part 24" (Dinner): Brian goes to dinner with Dr. Raj Kumar.

"Nowhere Man -- Part 25" (Confront): Brian must make an impossible choice. The finale of this series.

Pictures of Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from Showtime.

Just another 'shout out' to thank Susan S. my beta. I probably would have given up this venture a long time ago if she hadn't been there, cracking the whip! She wouldn't be out of place at the Tool Shed -- but it hurts so good, if you know what I mean!

Characters are borrowed from CowLip and Showtime and all those fine people. But All the stories here are by GAEDHAL. Yes -- no one else is responsible, so I won't pass the buck.

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Send Gaedhal any comments, critiques, suggestions. I welcome all of your comments on "Queer Theories." Without your feedback I don't know if you are enjoying the continuing stories!

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