"Queer as Folk" Timeline

by Gaedhal

This "QAF Timeline" is based on my own reading of the series "Queer as Folk -- US" and understanding of the progress of events. I put it together to facilitate the writing of my own fanfiction stories and so I end it shortly after the Second Season begins when my own AU series timeline begins to diverge. Any suggestions, comments, additions, or quibbles should be addressed to me. As I say, this is extremely unofficial and subject to interpretation!

First Season

Sept. 2000

Ep. 101 Gus is born, Justin meets Brian (a "school night").

Ep. 102 The Boys at work, Michael's breeder night out, the Girls want Brian's money (the next day or so).

Ep. 103 Gus' bris (a week after the birth), Babylon: Justin & Brian dance (and Blue Light #2 later), Ted & Blake (Sat. night).

Ep. 104 Ted in a coma (next morning and on), Justin at Deb's (B&J contact #3).

Ep. 105 Michael meets Dr. Dave, Brian's client makes a proposal.

Ep. 106 The Art Show at the Gay and Lesbian Center, Jennifer comes to terms with Justin, but not with Brian.

Ep. 107 Michael & Dr. Dave's country weekend (leaves still green, doing it outdoors), Brian/Jeep bashed by Craig.

Ep. 108 Craig attacks Brian, Justin moves in with Brian, Michael becomes manager of the Big-Q Mart, "Jambalaya" (cooler weather, jackets).

Oct. 2000?

Ep. 109 Michael meets Dr. Dave's friends, Brian meets Jack at the union hall (cooler eves, jacket weather).

Ep. 110 Molly's birthday, Loft burgled, Justin runs away to NYC (Mel and Lindsay raking leaves).

Nov. 2000?

Ep. 111 Michael's Birthday Party (30th) (cold weather clothes).

Ep. 112 Brian alone, Michael moves in with Dr. Dave.

Dec. 2000

Ep. 113 Brian charged with sexual harassment by Kip ("It's December").

Ep. 114 Brian in trouble, Kip drops the suit, Justin's Birthday (18th).

Ep. 115 The Leather Ball, Brian takes care of Gus, Jack Kinney has cancer, Hank Cameron visits Dr. Dave and Michael (winter, snowy, ice skating).

Ep. 116 Lindsay plans to marry Gui, Justin's Gay/Straight Student Alliance at St. James, Brian and Justin have a 'conference" (wintery weather, Christmas lights on houses -- Jeep scene).

Jan. 2001

Ep. 117 Justin kills Brian with kindness, Brian signs away his parental rights

Ep. 118 Jennifer files for divorce, David & Michael together 5 months? Dr. Dave at the baths, "Forever Young" (Christmas lights still up in Em's apt.).

Feb. 2001

Ep. 119 Jack dies, the Funeral from Hell, Ted and Blake, Brian and Michael go bowling -- Brian wears the "Jack" shirt (from which sprang a seemingly never-ending series of chapters!) (Bowling Alley signs say it's Feb., very snowy and cold; I would say it is Valentine's Day by the huge display of ready-made bouquets when Ted buys one for Blake).

March 2001

Ep. 120 King of Babylon, Vic arrested (cold weather, Vic and Em bundled up).

Ep. 121 Brian's ad award/NYC, Vic exonerated.

April 2001

Ep. 122 Brian's Birthday (30th), The Prom (I am guessing this is April -- the clothes seem heavy for May or June, and April is the height of Prom Season).

Second Season

Summer 2001

Ep. 201 Justin released from the hospital. Michael returns from Portland (summer weather).

Sept. 2001 Ep. 202 Gus' first birthday, 1st anniversary of B&J meeting.

©Gaedhal, July 2002

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