"A Romance of the Old West"

"A Queer As Folk USA Alternative Universe FanFic"

by Gaedhal

"Sit awhile wayfarer" -- Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself."

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Chapter One "Riverfront": A boy has an encounter in a barroom. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Two "Clarke's Hotel": Brian gets acquainted with his new companion. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Three "The Sleepers": Brian and Justin consider each other. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Four "The Paradise": Brian finds his way to the Paradise Hotel. Pittsburgh, 1835 - 1843. This chapter carries a WARNING for content. Please read it before you continue on with this story.

Chapter Five "The Princeton Rub": An early Saturday morning's diversion. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Six "The Bath House": Brian takes Justin for a bath. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Seven "Reynolds": Brian meets a man at the Paradise Hotel. Pittsburgh, June 1843.

Chapter Eight "The Bet": Madame Heloise gets in too deep during a poker game at the Paradise. Pittsburgh, June 1843.

Chapter Nine "The Sparring Academy": Two evenings at Johansen's Sparring Academy. Pittsburgh, December 1858/September 1848.

Chapter Ten "The Gift": Justin gives Brian a gift. Pittsburgh, December 1858.

Chapter Eleven "'La Belle Helene'": Reynolds takes Brian away from the Paradise Hotel. Pittsburgh, June 1843.

Chapter Twelve "Reynolds' Boy": In bed and on the river. Pittsburgh, February 1859/The Ohio River, June 1843.

Chapter Thirteen "Cincy": Reynolds shows off his prize. Cincinnati, July 1843.

Chapter Fourteen "The Lesson": Brian teaches Justin a lesson -- and learns one himself. Pittsburgh, February 1859/St. Louis, August 1843.

Chapter Fifteen "Jenny Taylor": Justin's mother, Jenny Taylor, follows her son. Pittsburgh, March 1859. (This chapter has a second page.)

Chapter Sixteen "St. Jude's": Brian has a secret. St. Louis, September 1843.

Chapter Seventeen "The Jeremiad": Justin and his father have a discussion about his future. Pittsburgh, April 1859.

Chapter Eighteen "The Vieux Carré": Reynolds prepares to introduce Brian into the Sporting Life in the French Quarter. New Orleans, November 1843.

Chapter Nineteen "The Daguerreotype": Justin finds some old photographs. Pittsburgh, April 1859.

Chapter Twenty "Madame Benet's Salon": Brian makes his debut in New Orleans. New Orleans, December 1843.

Chapter Twenty-one "Honor": Brian learns the meaning of Honor. New Orleans, January 1844.

Chapter Twenty-two "The Decision": Brian tells Jenny Taylor of his decision to leave for San Francisco. Pittsburgh, April 1859.

Chapter Twenty-three "The Newsroom": Brian gives his notice to Tom Miller at 'The Clarion.' Pittsburgh, May 1859, and a flashback to 1850.

Chapter Twenty-four "Miss Lindsay": Brian writes a letter to his former fiancée. Pittsburgh, May 1859.

Chapter Twenty-five "The Incident -- Part I": Reynolds and Brian visit Manhattan. New York, May 1844.

Chapter Twenty-six "The Incident -- Part II": Reynolds has a run of bad luck. New York, May 1844.

Chapter Twenty-seven "The Incident -- Part III": Reynolds and Brian both must deal with the aftermath of Brian's abduction. New York, May 1844. (This chapter has a second page.)

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Updated August 6, 2004.